Italian household decorates the different region amorous feelings, from which elements are reflected?

Italy is one of the important countries of Europe, the economic development of culture and art are very prosperous, Italy exotic beautiful, mysterious, Italian soft outfit decorate a style to give a person a kind of simple but elegant noble feeling, from the house furnishings, tonal can reflect master personality, characteristics, taste, personality, etc. , through the use of the space, build a kind of fashion, quiet and tastefully laid out and soft outfit home living environment. Care about the design of type style household, Italian furniture choice is very important. Italian furniture unique design philosophy is rooted in the Italian excellent art culture soil, it is also the art and science and technology, combination of traditional and modern, has led to the global design fashion and trend. Italy is the modern design of the most attractive places, like Italian culture practicality, contemporary Italian soft outfit style decorating also is based on the practical, concise, vogue. Interior designer with a straight line and simple modelling design, color with classic black and white ash on the soft outfit with high purity light feeling, create fashionable vigor and curtain, table cloth, sofa cushion for leaning on of soft outfit design coordination, on the whole, concise and easy do not make public, and with a gorgeous. Italian soft outfit decorate a style is a delegate with Roman summer medieval architecture style, because of its adopted volumes, such as arch model and got its name, the main characteristics of thick wall, narrow window, step by step a semicircle arch, pick out the doorcase decoration and tall tower, and extensive use of masonry materials. Roman architecture is given priority to with the church, chiseled appearance, give a person with solemn sacred feeling. As the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy first broke the dominance of imperial power and religion, emphasis on people-oriented, advocating personal liberation, culture and art ushered in the unprecedented development. At this point, from the feudalism to the modern western culture, Italian design become the benchmark.
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