Italian leather furniture so delicate, how to maintain?

Italian furniture, leather has a very wide range of USES, even if the quality is very good leather, also need maintenance. If maintain undeserved, dermal sofa will fade, aging, color, make the leather loss of ductility, deformation caused by sofa. 1, the new leather sofa: first with a clean wet towel to wipe the dust on the surface of the sofa. Remember not to use gasoline or water to clean. Gently wipe the surface of sofa leather care agent, one to two times, form a protective film on the sofa, make the dust is not easy to penetrate the leather pores. 2, avoid the sharp cut leather sofa leather. If you accidentally scratch the leather surface and small cracks, can dip in with egg white ink, and with the corresponding watercolor reapply. After all dry, wipe on leather polish or vaseline; If it is a relatively large cracks, both sides of the cracks with some high quality glue. For 8 ~ 10 minutes, will break glue tighten, alignment and bonding, with the eraser will finally break glue residual glue erase. 3, in order to avoid the stain, ball-point pen, ink, etc. , to make dirty leather sofa. If you are not careful dirty sofa, please immediately with leather cleaner to clean. 4, the daily maintenance of dermal sofa can use wet towel to wipe dry. About 2 - with leather cleaner cleanness sofa 3 months at a time, or every few days with a home vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface of the sofa. 5, avoid leather sofa is direct sunlight, if the sitting room often have sunlight, it should be replaced the position of the sofa, in order to prevent the sun after formation of off color; Should close the curtain when light intensity intense. Spent so many idea to buy the right sofa, maintenance work, of course, also want to do it. So learn Italian furniture leather sofa maintain method, you can also extrapolate, to maintain the other leather furniture.
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