Italian leather piece of furniture - — Good leather sofa to conform to the requirements for what?

Dermal sofa is made of leather and fabric. Good leather sofa should use high quality cowhide, again with cumbersome process, exquisite design, highlight the unique taste. Care about the design of furniture, designer also like to use real leather fabrics. This kind of extremely costly and taste of materials, and Italian furniture style perfectly. Sofa frame is rigid is directly related to the service life of sofa and quality assurance. A good sofa, framework, must be a square wooden peg side with plate fixation. We can use the hand, lifting the sofa to feel the weight, plate is lighter, real wood is heavier. Can also be sitting on the sofa from side to side, the feeling is its strong degree. Methods to check the sofa frame is raised three people at one end of the sofa, when lift part 10 cm from the ground, whether pay attention to the other end of the feet off the ground, if the ground is qualified. The filler material of sofa is mainly sponge, sponge into play high, ultra soft shot 3 kinds. Shot in the sponge is usually used in back of a chair and armrest, play high and super soft sponge for seats. Sit down and experience comfort. Can by hand press sofa armrest and back of the chair at the same time, if you can feel the presence of wood frame, prove the cover of the sofa packing density is not high, the elastic is not good. Can be easily suppressed sofa wood will also accelerate the sofa coat to wear, reduce the service life of sofa. Sofa quality, mirror is easily come out from details. Do the work well enough, reflect the quality of the sand maker management consciousness and level. Supporting pillow can open the zipper, seeing and touching lining and internal padding. See processing is detailed at the bottom of the sofa, the sofa leg whether level off, the surface finish is smooth, leg bottom mat, and other details. High quality sofa will be attention to the quality of the details. In product design, yong state meaning type furniture more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of the high level. Its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety. Yong state meaning type furniture leather sofa, the promotion space style, is the first selection of quality furniture.
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