Italian minimalist delicate and contracted, revealed the strong sense of design

In the 1960 s, on the basis of the development of modern Bauhaus, germination of a stressed item itself form and function, eliminating the authors borrow works express the subjective consciousness, simplify the design concept of text or symbol, known as the minimalist. As the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy the first to break the dominance of imperial power and religion, emphasized people-centric, advocate the individuality liberation, culture and art in an unprecedented development. Now get rid of the feudal, western culture into the modern, the Italian design has become the world's benchmark. When Italy in one hundred, the design concept of accumulation and traditional classic originality, collisions with minimalist, formed a unique delicate contracted, and luxurious temperament, Italian design began to emerge from the Nordic design style, formed the unique local characteristics of furniture style. Minimalist style, more use of straight line. Besides cabinets for simple linear rectangular, sofa, bed frames, the table is straight line, curve, without too much modelling is simple, rich in design or philosophical but not exaggerated. Wood, leather is household main basic material, and in the modern minimalist style, you can see the new materials of modern industry, such as aluminum, carbon fibre, plastic, high-density glass, added the possibilities for household. Black and white is the color of the minimalist style, common primary colors such as gray, silver, dark brown, cream-colored and without printing, decoration of the large area of pure color brings another low-key and quiet feeling, composed and restraint. Similarly is a minimalist, Scandinavian minimalist style is the most simple, on behalf of the brand is ikea. Germany's minimalist heaviest traces of industrialization, straightforward bold; Appearing in the Italian minimalist style is contracted fashion and luxury. Zebra receive custom design is one of the household style of Italian minimalist wind. Italian minimalist delicate and contracted, revealed a strong sense of design, in the modern minimalist style is very noble temperament. Obsessed with the zebra household full of design feeling functional outstanding art at the same time, the modelling is simple, but show high and thick flavor. Famous writer and art critic wu beto, she said: 'if other countries have a kind of design theory, Italy is a set of design philosophy, may be a design thought system. 'This kind of design beyond the time limit, even decades later, it seems still sending out the charm of innovation. The household will continue Italian design concept, make meet user requirements, as beautiful Italian minimalist home design.
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