Knowledge of office furniture materials

Complete knowledge of classic office furniture materials, its materials are mainly divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood material is more suitable for openwork craftsmanship, while furniture made of softwood is affordable. Because the wood is stable, the furniture made has a long time to spread. Common hardwoods include red sandalwood, huanghuali, wenge and rosewood.   Red sandalwood: The most precious wood, with solid texture but slow growth. Therefore, most furniture is made of several pieces of joints. If there is a whole board, it is very precious and rare. Its color is mostly purple and black, exuding a quiet and noble temperament.   Rosewood: Pterocarpus, a precious tree with high-quality dark heartwood in the genus Pterocarpus in the subfamily Pterocarpus of the leguminous family. The difference between rosewood heartwood and sapwood is obvious, the sapwood is yellow-white to gray-brown; the heartwood is reddish-brown, purple-red to purple-brown; the wood color is more uniform, with dark streaks visible, and the growth ring is not obvious or slightly obvious. Diffusion-porous material or semi-annular porous material, single pipe hole, a few diameter rows of multiple pipe holes, containing dark gum, sediment or intrusion. Axial parenchyma wing-shaped, converging wing-shaped, ribbon-shaped, ring tube bundle and wheel boundary. Wood rays are thin to very thin, dominated by a single row, with inconspicuous or slightly obvious markings on the radial surface, and wavy marks on the string mask. The wood is shiny, with a slight or significant fragrance, interlaced texture, fine and uniform structure, some of South America and Africa are slightly coarser, resistant to corrosion, and strong in durability. The material is hard and heavy, some are medium, with high strength, and some are medium, usually floating in water, and the immersion of wood powder or sawdust shows fluorescence. Most of them appear on Ming-style furniture. The wood is dense and the color ranges from light yellow to dark brown. Generally, the longer the use of Huanghuali furniture, the brighter the color, which is more suitable for modern spaces.   Wenge wood: solid texture, purple-brown texture in shades. When used in modern times, the lines are smoother, and new ideas are injected into the tradition.   Rosewood: Good rosewood wood is similar to red sandalwood, but the luster and color are slightly lighter, the color is warm, and the output is more.   There are many kinds of furniture, and the price is acceptable to most people. Many softwoods are also used with hardwoods. Such as beech, phoebe, camphor, pine and fir are common cork materials.  Black walnut Taipantai, the highest quality kind of walnut wood, is mainly produced in North America and Europe. The domestic walnut is lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string section has a beautiful large parabolic pattern (big mountain pattern). Black walnut is very expensive, wood veneer is usually used for furniture, and solid wood is rarely used.   office furniture cherry file cabinet, imported cherry wood is mainly produced in Europe and North America, the wood is light yellow brown, the texture is elegant, the string section is a medium parabolic pattern, with small circles in the middle. Cherry wood is also high-grade wood, and veneer is usually used to make furniture, and solid wood is rarely used.
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