Let us continue to art tradition - — Post-modem Italian furniture

As the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy's cultural atmosphere influence until today. Italian element has penetrated into every field of art and life, inherits the European classical elegance and charm, represents the most modern design concept. The furniture of Italian style, is the combination of exquisite technology and design, the perfect product features at the same time satisfy the aesthetic taste. Tell from the design style, the 'new classical' is one of the best - — Contracted thering is no lack of fashion and noble, contains the classic, delicate and full of contemporary clever. From thousands of years of human history to precipitate, highlight the unique elegant and delicate, with gold and silver elements as an ornament, clever apply the golden, make furniture presents the perfect harmonious beauty. Tradition and innovation coexist, beautiful and practical, this is the reason why Italian furniture is enduring. The classical Italian furniture of heavy and complicated, after all, not the public can accept style, the price also. So was born the post-modern meaning type furniture, although the style change, but the Italian furniture every detail is still emphasizing the noble and delicate. According to statistics, about 3 m Italian furniture enterprise, the total number of workers more than 150000 people, and more than 85% of the furniture enterprise manual mill is less than 10 people. Italian furniture is pay attention to the high-end and purity of handmade, although time passed quickly, these mills have not eliminated by history, but to continue to develop and self innovation, cast off the yoke of the antiquated, try to improve technology to satisfy the modern people's aesthetic taste. I love Italy, for it's omnipresent humanistic spirit and artistic atmosphere. Italian furniture is all the rage in China, because it is the perfect combination of rationality and sensibility, because its the process behind the more convincing. Is particularly important, also suitable for the use of postmodern meaning type furniture has more kinds and choice for consumers. Let the consumer can also feel the Italian quality of craftsmanship. Improve the quality of life, a meaning type furniture is necessary. Senbetter Italian furniture in product design, more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of the high level. Its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety.
In an age when classic home furniture is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
Youbond Furniture Co., Ltd intends to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in classic home furniture.
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