Light and decoration in power, the new middle class go Italian furniture

With luxury cold fact in recent years, the rise of new middle class has become the present tense. The new middle class is different from the old middle class, they pay more attention to life and life experience. For consumption, product quality has become the priority of the new middle class. The rise of new middle class is undoubtedly influence and adjust the consumption structure of the whole market. Therefore, in the field of furniture, they are also in light of luxury furniture, such as Italian furniture. In terms of the concept of luxury consumption, light luxury furniture has transcended the 'bling' stage, and a tendency to become a rational and healthy consumption patterns. Consumers like to buy luxury furniture, not for on the go, not to show off. Just to enjoy life better. Nowadays, more and more customers pursuit of really good design and high quality furniture, but traditional luxury furniture prices still is a luxury for many people. The existing fashion furniture brand can't meet the dual requirements of quality and design. At this point, the 'light' luxury furniture appear in a logical way. They are located in the high-end, has a unique life experience, get the welcome of white-collar workers. Light the luxury residential will undoubtedly fully meet the new middle class 'small capital'. With profound cultural foundation to support 'the beauty of the luxury residential light'. If you think in terms of price, 'luxury' is just a price on the 'luxury', it would be wrong. In addition to the price, the biggest characteristic of luxury goods is 'design' and 'culture'. ” After 80, 90, when they were born on the 'label'. They are independent, has a unique personality. Luxury goods in their eyes, not a product, but a personality. After 80, living, the temperament of the field is not only their affectionate, pragmatic and handsome. Every inch of space in light of luxury residential, every piece of furniture, the colour of each side of bloom, let the atmosphere of 'poetic' everywhere. It's like DNA will beautiful, practical, comfortable implant products. Send out from the inside and the modern, stylish.
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