Light and decoration quality life, fine build by meaning type furniture

Along with the development of the domestic furniture industry, all kinds of style, especially the lighting and decoration style, popular because of its unique charm, more and more people begin to pursue light luxury style furniture, because the light of luxury is a kind of quiet life attitude, elegant and delicate, not at the forefront, don't show off, don't exaggerate, as long as you truly enjoy the beauty of life. The representative of light luxury furniture is Italian furniture. The italians have very strong family values. A family can usually live in the same place, meet over the weekend, sharing of food. In functional areas, so even the rooms will be build a warm family atmosphere. From the point of view of the world history of design, 'Italian design' as a special style and proper nouns and famous in the world. With the development of Italian furniture design in the 1950 s, architects, designers, and the combination of small handicraft factory ensure the artistic attainments of Italian furniture and product quality. In terms of collocation, because the design concept of humanistic spirit, the ability to 'mix build' is much better than the other style of furniture. When you use the furniture, it provides the perfect Italian furniture experience and experience; When not to use furniture, its artistic aesthetic feeling can also add a texture to space, not with his family has acosmia feeling. Italian furniture in Italy is famous for its culture elements and modern minimalist style. Regardless of whether they are contracted wind is relaxed, or Buckingham Palace royal style, Italian furniture is the consummate craft, elegant style, humanized design concept, make it popular. The perfect mix build, on the premise of guarantee comfortable, created a delicate, easy, casual life atmosphere.
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