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At present, domestic furniture industry brand is numerous, furniture style variety. Classical, for example, the United States, Europe, France, modern, new China, post-modernism and so on, these have been popular for many years, I believe everyone is familiar with, but today, yong nations prepare to introduce the, is a popular keywords 'Italian' in the past two years. Yes, today is the Italian furniture. Modern Italian furniture is so popular because Senbetter as high-end furniture brand in China, is a high quality, the avant-garde design, has the outstanding warmth and contracted style furniture brand. Although modern Italian style also is a kind of contracted wind, but compared with the ordinary contracted style, Italian style pay more attention to details and design quality, to advocate life experience should be true and enjoy. Compared with the traditional European furniture and American furniture, Italian furniture in the design highlights the household space integrity, and in detail do subtraction, make its are no longer heavy, more lightsome and elegant. Italian furniture emphasize overall beautification household space, finished product furniture with artistic accessories, build on the basis of the luxury brand new household space atmosphere, meet the integral aesthetic feeling on the vision, and has the personalized characteristic. Italian furniture, pay attention to product detail and quality in material, design, and even cultural pursuit of perfection. It emphasizes design, brand history and product culture significance. The most important thing is that it has a certain element of 'luxury', known as 'looks expensive. ' Unlike classical furniture, Italian furniture high quality does not need to write in an ornate style, the curve of the complex, tedious details. Simple, modern, fashionable products, can meet different consumers to the aesthetic requirement of the household space.
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