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As is known to all, with the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard and the improvement of life taste, the pursuit of furniture have different natural, so sitting room furniture is each family must choose furniture. And the quality of the sitting room furniture will affect the layout of the entire family. Italian sitting room furniture in recent years has become a popular type of furniture. How should we choose Italian furniture, how to layout again? First of all, the following are the basic skills of choosing Italian furniture: 1, determine the style of sitting room furniture. No matter choose what kind of furniture, the first thing to do is choose the whole style of the building and the owner's favorite style of style. Choose Senbetter Italian furniture, have more than one series of Italian style, whichever you want, big brands more secure. 2, choose the size of the sitting room furniture, such as color, texture, size is determined according to the sitting room space, can neither too big nor too small, color collocation is very important also, high-grade furniture materials currently used solid wood, at the same time, the characteristic of Italian furniture is more like to use a variety of materials, so according to their own needs to choose and use the experience. 3, choose a big brand furniture, according to the author many years experience in household, easier then if you want to buy a better high-end furniture, had better choose big brand reputation, because a big brands have quality assurance, after-sales has advantages, sometimes slightly higher price, but consumers easier then. Secondly, the sitting room furniture put skills: some owner family area of little sitting room is not big, so it is puzzled how to master. Owners should learn to make full use of the sitting room. Traditional thought, Italian mainly tea table, TV ark and semi-closed sitting room furniture sofa, give full play to the function of receiving visitors and partying. In fact, you can add and subtract unnecessary furniture. Some families don't often watch TV, but you can put the TV in the bedroom, often not to the guest's family can use zigzag sofa or tatami to save a lot of space. Don't have much time to eat at home, so you can use a tea table as a table. This is a good way to save space. Sitting room space is small, can break the gap between sitting room and other space, reduce the narrow sense, make the space more smooth. For example, the open kitchen naturally sitting room and kitchen. Between sitting room and bedroom walls can also through the screen, hanging curtain is broken and separate, so as to increase the space on the vision area. Choose small size furniture, also a good way to use a space. Small tea table of the sitting room can match the little round table or side table to add small tea table, not only conforms to the requirements, and keep the space is beautiful. Italian furniture design flexible small, very suitable for modern living space. In addition, the sitting room, multi-point source in order to show the warmth of small space. These are small make up in the furniture industry for many years experience of sitting room furniture procurement, layout techniques, etc. Want to buy gratified flexibly Italian living room furniture, can go to see Senbetter meaning type furniture.
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