Live like the italians, contracted and not simple

Abandon all useless details, keep in the Italian way of life is the most authentic, the most pure part, has gradually become the theme of people family, people desire for simple and comfortable life. Italian furniture style is not only a kind of design style, it contracted acme pursuit, to sense the feeling of a kind of simple and neat, also reflects the owner's elegant thought and taste - — Less is more, simple is a kind of beauty. Italian style of furniture design, line is concise, color pure, show the beauty of structure itself. Eliminate unnecessary tedious design and interfere with the project, the rest is really high quality good things. From another perspective, Italian furniture is contracted, in fact, a kind of luxury. How to make your house comfortable, simple but not indifference, and contracted with new tricks? 'Break from' is one of the important rules to create Italian style. The household of Italian style function simplifies the design element, color, etc. Therefore, Italian furniture design is very delicate, but often can play more with less, to JianSheng multiplying effect. Whether home or life, the outside world always implies that you need it, needed it. But every time you get an item, after you feel fresh, you still have to go back to the original nature of life, only to find that many furniture are redundant. Italian style is not just a 'clean nothing', but 'everything' in it. Life is very simple, because life way easier. To furniture, either use it or discard it, make the Italian style home furniture. This is a need to alert to any messy process. First of all, you must understand that your life has nothing to do with the number of items you have. Famous designer Francis jardine once said: 'we can remove the inappropriate furniture to create a luxury home. 'Superfluous furniture items should be discarded in a timely manner. Italian furniture design is not not encourage people to resist all physical life. This is actually a state of mind, let people from piles of cabinets and messy room, let people from inner feelings of fresh and happy. An Italian style of the sitting room, a bright window, a comfortable Italian, the tea table of sofa and a simple simple but not drab.
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