Looking back at the exhibition, three conjectures about the trend of furniture design trends


Modern urban life has made people's demands on the home environment not only comfortable, warm, and practical, but also a yearning for a better home life and the pursuit of high-quality home taste. Furniture design is not only a kind of life pragmatism or space beautification, but also a reflection of people's life mentality and the pursuit of quality of life.

On September 7, 2011, on the opening day of the 28th Guangzhou (International) Furniture Fair, SouFun home network united with the industry's elite designers to watch the treasure hunt and open altar reviews, selecting furniture popular products and more dynamic ways with a more professional eye Into the exhibition site, and more intuitive attitude experience furniture design trends! Designers spoke freely at the forum and shared their experiences in the Guangzhou Furniture Fair. They made unique predictions about the furniture design trends this year.

In the past two years, the style of home decoration has shifted from kitchen and bathroom to furniture. This has also directly created a new fashion darling – minimalist furniture. It standardizes the components of the sheet, the flexible and personalized demand design, and the convenience of freely combinable, satisfying the needs of modern home life.

In the past, the simple flat-panel plus partition design was out of date, and the wooden texture that emphasizes three-dimensionality and brand style will be popular. The furniture itself attracts the eye of the consumer with a flat surface. If the wooden texture is used to make it three-dimensional, it will be more vivid and attractive, and this effect is mainly achieved through the ingenious combination of different materials.

The simplification of design is a popular trend in the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair. Of course, this simplicity is not empty and simple, but it is a strong sense of simplicity. Star Tang decorated network marketing director Zhang Tangjun believes that the boundaries of the style are becoming more and more vague, for the age class is divided into European and Chinese, is now Jianou, Jane, there are many owners do not know what kind of style they really like, he again Like Chinese, he likes European style. At this time, the designer is required to be on the sidelines, and the designer is divided into two types. The first one is to realize the owners' hobby. Second, discover the owners’ hobbies. So the designers of this industry are playing a bigger role. Some owners do not know what style they like, so this depends on the designer helping him to position himself.

When the Chinese furniture trends really have influence, you will find that the industry will be completely different from the current situation we are in. What kind of prevailing situation are we in? This is an industry that cannot be without fashion. Designers want to create fashion. Consumers want to become popular models. Everyone is busy, new brands are born, new products are on the market, magazines are browsed, and shopping malls are visited. Like it, bought it, used it, replaced it... In the past 10 years in the book of furniture, a variety of products have been on the market and are still performing vigorously in the industry.

In daily life, people began to refuse plastic tableware, walk more and drive less, and do more outdoor activities. In the home furnishing industry, furniture and building materials companies have incorporated low-carbon and green environmental protection into their operations. The decoration company also promotes the concept of low-carbon and environmentally friendly homes. In 2011, people will pay more attention to the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Low carbon will still be the development trend of the furniture industry in 2011. Whether it is a furniture and building materials company or a home improvement company, the low-carbon concept must penetrate into every link of production, sales, and after-sales service, even in every detail. In the 2011 home battlefield, you have the chance to survive.

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