Looks simple, rich in heart - — Italian minimalist furniture

Many people, after seeing the classic Italian furniture that its design is too simple, failed to reflect the beauty of the household. But small make up to say, classic Italian furniture, under the simple appearance, is actually a rich heart. 1, line is concise and clear, concise and clear lines are classic Italian furniture more obvious characteristics. Italian minimalist furniture is usually simple line. In addition to simple orthogonal ark, sofa, bed frames and tables is also straight, not a lot of curves. Simple shape, rich design or philosophical significance, but don't exaggerate. 2, the diversity of material diversity is also an Italian minimalist furniture is one of the important characteristics. Wood and leather furniture is the main base material. Care in the minimalist furniture, the new materials of modern industry, such as aluminum, carbon fibre, plastic, high-density glass, etc. Added to the furniture, furniture gives more performance, such as waterproof, scratch resistance, light weight, etc. 3, the color is mostly solid-colored Italian minimalist furniture mainly monochrome. Black and white is the representative color of minimalism, and gray, silver, and off-white color, no printing and totem of pure color brings another low-key and quiet, calm and restraint. Although 4, the function is not simple lines and color is very simple, but the function of the contracted furniture is not easy! For example, in the chair parts with high plasticity, minimalist design chair has the versatility, and height can be adjusted freely. Bedstead can open be another store content ark; Open the cupboard can cashback store content function is very powerful.
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