lounge life: take a seat...and then copy it

When it comes to high design, can cheap copies match the real deal?
In fashion, forget it and pretend it is totally unacceptable.
But in furniture design, there is a special word that is fake or duplicate.
It is a \"replica\" and retailers across the country are proud and legal to sell this product to a growing customer base.
For example, you can buy a replica of the Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chair for £ 445 from the Vita Interiors (Vita)-This unique leather double shell design attracts so many office receptionvita-interiors. com)in Bath.
Shop in kanglan (conranshop. co. uk)
This describes the Barcelona chair as \"one of the most imitated designs ever\", and a real example of the Knoll factory will make you barely change from £ 5,000.
Chairs are not cheap.
You may find it unusual that those places where replicas were sold did not cover up the fact that they were copying the most popular and respected furniture designs of the 20 th century.
You will never see M & S or John Lewis fiddling with fake Chanel handbags and showing them in the shop window.
You will also not see Topshop or Zara, who are known for explaining the speed of fashion trends in the commercial street, promoting clothing in the name of the original designer.
There is a reason for this.
In the UK, the copyright of industrial design expires after 25 years of release, however, in most other parts of Europe, the protection of this intellectual property continues until 70 years after the designer\'s death.
This makes the UK an ideal market for creating a culture of imitation furniture.
The word \"copy\" may sound legal, \"said Michelle Ogundehin, editor of interior magazine ELLE Decoraton.
\"This is sugar.
This is not illegal, but the theft of intellectual property.
\"Ogundehin\'s argument is that the UK\'s loose law on design copyright damages the industry and does not respect the original designer.
\"Why is the copyright law designed so bad?
They have recently changed because of music and art.
Design is considered poor cousins.
The assumption in the UK seems to be that we are good at design, so we don\'t need to do anything about it, and the industry is affected.
\"It\'s strange that many people who will never admit to having fake Prada bags are more than happy to brag about how much they save when they knock --
Designer armchair.
Who has the resources to spend thousands on a piece of furniture today?
The Prime Minister and his wife decided that when they purchased copies of the Arco lights for £ 250 from the iconic lights, they did not do so, but paid more than £ 1,500 for the original
Ogundehin criticized the purchase, saying that SamCam supports \"false\" and is \"cheap, hypocritical and false\"
Furniture industry.
Samantha Cameron is a former creative director of luxury brand Smythson and a member of the British Fashion Association, leading the UK creative industry.
She purchased the duplex light, which shows that she does not think her responsibility should be extended to the furniture.
There is no doubt that if the photographer buys a lamp for £ 1,500, they will be defamed and ogondehin himself becomes the target of criticizing her snobbish. \"[My critics]
\"It was completely missed,\" she said . \".
\"The real problem is the hidden cost of these fakes.
They are not friendly to the environment and the cost of labor is not clear.
\"On its website, the iconic lights indicate that\" there is little difference between our replica and the original \".
Paul Middlemiss, purchasing director at the Conran store, said if you put the copy and the original on one line --
It\'s obvious.
David guttfrend, general manager of iconic lighting, said that even the modern classics sold by the Conland store, Heal\'s and other stores are not exactly the same as the original, because the way of production and the materials used have changed.
The issue, he said, is an economic one, not a respect for the design and manufacturing process: \"Both sides want to make money.
If I come up with an original artwork or invent it, I want to make money out of it as long as I can.
However, someone invented the wheel at some point and we no longer expect to pay for it.
We don\'t sell anyone\'s latest designs, but you can buy your iconic classics here.
Colin Bloomfield of Vita interior design agrees.
\"There is a difference between buying \'rip-\'
Current in-off\'
Patent design or brand, purchase copies of old historical designs permitted by British law.
We are completely honest and open to the fact that our furniture is made in China, and always deliver the information that our furniture is copying. \"Twenty-
There seems to be little protection for five years.
\"It\'s kind of like the music industry,\" said midrith and ogondhin.
\"If you don\'t support the people who designed it, why do these people continue to design it?
\"According to Middlemiss, like the replica market, the market for classic original works is growing.
Popular Swan chairs in Arne Jacobson (
2,385 in Conland)
They are now being manufactured with microchips because they are very popular on the black market.
Middlemiss bought his first designer item Eero Saarinen table for a ridiculous price like 5,000, but I will get more in return at the auction than I paid\"
But neither the middleman nor ogindexin has suggested that we collectively default on mortgages and pay off our debts to buy furniture that is overpriced.
\"If you can\'t afford to buy a classic original work, there\'s a lot of great, affordable and good --
\"An alternative was designed there,\" Ogundehin said . \".
\"Buy what you can afford, but buy an original design,\" said Middlemiss . \" He emphasized that the manufacturing process is the essence of original design.
Justin Pratt, studio manager at Noel UK, which produces many classic furniture designs, told ELLE Decoration: \"I want an Aston Martin.
This car is expensive, but I can\'t afford it. What should I do? . .
Put the Aston Martin badge on my Volvo?
Design should not be elitist.
In fact, Ikea made a beautiful watering pot in 79 p.
\"Ogondexin wants to know if the original can be cheaper in order to protect the market.
The upcoming sales show that there is a certain margin for profit.
For example, the Aram Store in London will offer up to 75 design classics in its sales in January, and the Swan chair in Arne Jacobsen has dropped from 6,555 to 1,638, the Ames recliner and Ottoman recliner have fallen from £ 5,565 to £ 1,391.
But few people can splurge on fakes, not to mention the original.
This does not mean that you cannot value the desire of good design and protection of it.
Ogundehin says the design is seriously inadequate
The UK develops great designers and then they flee to Italy where their talents are rewarded.
\"Fashion is growing fast, but design is much slower,\" she said . \"
\"You want it to live long.
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