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Whether we are more and more self-employed or just trying to reduce commuting time and cost, working from home is becoming the norm for more and more of us.
The computer and telecom revolution means that the most creative and administrative tasks can now be easily completed from the idle bedroom.
Many people work better at home and stay away from office distractions.
But convenience can be offset by disadvantages.
Unless you are careful, your home will become your office and work will hinder your leisure.
Photographer Grant Smith was employed in national newspapers and magazines but is now a freelancer.
He needs equipment storage and office space, and suggested to build a special work area: \"It is very hard to work in my living space and it is difficult to leave work at night.
If you are looking at it, you are thinking about it;
You need to close the door to it.
\"Closing its door may include permanently dividing a part of the room, or something as simple as a Japanese folding screen.
Or you can install an \"office in the cabinet \"; built-in or free-
The bedroom or living room is furnished with a stand-up workstation.
Other solutions that require some construction work include adjusting the previously unused space.
Loft conversion is the most popular, but the office can also be built in an underground cellar
Stair cabinets, even on the platform above the stairwell.
But first, some basic knowledge.
Reorganising the lighting, electrical and telecom outlets will be paid so you can minimize trailing bends and extensions.
An extra BT line costs only £ 49.
50 installation, very important for serious family workers.
And you will never have enough power outlets.
Lighting is important for mood, efficiency and eye health;
Hidden down lighters above the working surface and rail accessories on the ceiling can be enhanced by an adjustable desk lamp. Furniture is next.
The desk always looks like-well -office desks.
They can dominate a room.
A good choice for DIY is two-
Drawer file cabinet with a kitchen table top.
File cabinets can be bought from seconds-
Handmade classic office furniture stores around £ 30, but you do see them thrown into skips.
Paint them with Hammerite and choose the right countertop
16 lbs in a DIY shed
The adjustable shelf is the best, and the sting system, while not the cheapest, is sturdy and durable and looks good.
Shelf Systems for builders like Travis Perkins may be cheaper than DIY stores.
For shelves, wood mill wood shavings are cheaper and more attractive than melamine
Covered cardboard.
At a professional level, the right home office manufacturer can offer desks, workstations and filing cabinets that look good
Reproduction of furniture quality.
Companies like Conquest offer complete design and decoration services at roughly the same price as decorating the kitchen;
Pounds 3,000 will purchase a table top with cabinets, drawers, filing cabinets and bookcases about 4 m long in a real wood finish.
Richard Kimbell has a range of free
Fixed units for real wood, including folding units
About 1,000 and a two-pound computer center
Drawer filing cabinet for 255.
Duke supplies free
Offers Stand Wood modules for any combination of countertops, cabinets and bookcases.
The price of the computer desk is about 400, and the price of the file cabinet is about 300.
Q Contact person: conquer 01705 370654;
Richard Kimbell 01344 875168
Duke 01264 333666.
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