Makes the quality of Italian style, the furniture colour is tie-in

Italy, a country full of classical culture and art. Walking in the streets of Italy, or in family life in Italy, people will always inadvertently by its strong Italian architecture and home decoration style infection. In recent years, with the frequent culture communication, Italian furniture is more and more get the favour of elegant Chinese people. Whether in the star hotel or residence, the adornment of the Italian style also can be seen everywhere. So how can we cleverly and match reasonably Italian furniture? Italian style emphasizes fabrics and exquisite luxury decoration, colour collocation also is very exquisite. Recommended that people love Italian furniture can reasonable collocation Italian furniture from the following several aspects. First of all, from the Angle of the colour collocation. In living in adornment, most of the Italian style with white and light color as the background color, so the Italian furniture can be white or dark, the best style is unified. Log pattern about the design of type furniture is often adopted, so the color of the Italian furniture also is often decided by the material's color. The original wood color collocation is simple, can undertake echo and pure color, home decoration, forming an ornament. Italian furniture in the cortex and the silk material used is essential, they make good type furniture more noble household adornment style. Second, if choose Italian furniture, the family is decorated also want to build the corresponding atmosphere. You can choose a few graceful or Italian style lamps and lanterns of the light is downy. In addition, the adornment picture to avoid heavy lines, frame of heavy. The picture content is given priority to with western religious characteristic oil painting, this will also become a highlight of Italian furniture style.
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