Matters needing attention during the relocation of office furniture

Almost all enterprises will encounter such a problem, that is, what matters should be paid attention to during the relocation of office furniture. In order to solve the worries of our customers, the editor of Guangzhou office furniture has sorted out a few things that need attention for everyone, let's take a look! Now many office furniture sold by furniture companies, such as office screen partitions, office desks and chairs, are all made into parts for home installation. Furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times. The editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture will explain the little knowledge of the office furniture relocation process and recommend it to consumers. The main things that need to be disassembled in the office are screen decks, executive desks, conference tables, etc. The required tools generally include rechargeable electric drills, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, open-end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, etc. These tools are necessary for disassembly and assembly of classic office furniture. When moving office furniture, pay special attention to whether the contents of the furniture have been emptied, such as ceramics, crystals and other fragile crafts, which are easily damaged if they are dropped. Appropriate strength should be used when installing the glass door handle to prevent the glass from bursting, and be careful not to use an electric drill. For example, the back panel of a file cabinet is relatively thin, and it is easy to break if you accidentally disassemble it. It is recommended to pack it with discarded curtains or blankets when transporting it. When disassembling some office furniture of irregular size, first make a mark so that it can be distinguished during installation. Screws and hardware accessories that have been disassembled from the office furniture should be sorted and stored. It is easy to find when installing again, and the damaged accessories should be put aside. When disassembling, it is best to remove the movable panels in the cabinet first. If you need to lay down and lay down for disassembly, pay special attention to the protection of the wooden floor to avoid scratches and cuts. After disassembly, the transportation should be classified. The surface of the painted solid wood products of classic office furniture needs to be packed with a protective film to avoid damage due to collision between the plates and the plates during transportation. After disassembly, move to the new address safely, you need to design the office furniture layout drawings of the new address in advance, you need to make up some new office furniture according to the old office furniture, the color control of the new and old office furniture, and the size of the new office furniture Same as old office furniture. After learning the things that need to be paid attention to during the relocation of office furniture with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, I believe you will not worry about the relocation of office furniture.

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