Matters needing attention in disassembly and assembly of office furniture

In today's era of rapid development of information technology, office furniture has become more convenient and faster, and the random assembly and disassembly of classic office furniture has become more and more frequent. Guangzhou office furniture classic office furniture tells you some things to pay attention to when disassembling office furniture, so let's discuss it with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture office furniture! What should be paid attention to when disassembling office furniture. The combination of panel furniture usually uses various metal hardware, which is very convenient for assembly and disassembly. Now manufacturers sell office furniture, such as desks, bookcases, sofas, etc., are all assembled into pieces and installed on-site. Furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times. For friends who move to the office, old office furniture can continue to be used as long as it is well maintained and moved to the new office. It not only saves the pain of giving up, but also saves a lot of money, but it is a good thing for both sides. So what should be paid attention to when disassembling office furniture? Note 1: Disassembly of office furniture. Professional disassembly and assembly of office furniture. Disassembly and assembly skills of office furniture: pay attention to whether the contents of the furniture have been emptied, especially fragile crafts such as ceramics and crystals. Once dropped, they are easily damaged. When disassembling, it is best to remove the movable panels in the cabinet first. If you need to lay down and lay down for disassembly, pay special attention to the protection of the wooden floor to avoid scratches and cuts. Note 2: Tips for disassembly and assembly of office furniture. Disassembly: When installing the glass door handle, you should master the appropriate strength to prevent the glass from bursting. Be careful not to use an electric drill. When disassembling the cabinet, do not forcibly break the plates and other illegal operations, which will easily cause the glue and screws at the connection between the side panel and the middle panel to loosen, and the cabinet body will easily shake when reinstalling. Pay attention to point three: According to the installation master of the Guangzhou office furniture brand, the assembly and disassembly process of office furniture involves the replacement of accessories, which need to be customized from the manufacturer, and the corresponding cost will be charged, such as handles, screws, etc. Generally, the back panels of file cabinets and TV cabinets are relatively thin. If you are careful to break easily during disassembly and assembly, you must be especially careful. It is recommended to pack them with discarded curtains or blankets when handling. Note four: As we all know, customized office furniture is 'customized' in the space size of individual apartments, so the possibility of disassembly and assembly is small. However, if the apartment structure (such as floor height, depth, etc.) of the new office furniture is roughly the same, you can also consider overall relocation or partial relocation. The above-mentioned points of attention for the disassembly and assembly of classic office furniture, everyone should keep in mind when disassembling and assembling! I hope that some precautions of Guangzhou office furniture office furniture editor will be helpful to our customers. If you want to know more related knowledge, please pay attention to the information.
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