Matters needing attention in the installation of office furniture

How much do you know about the precautions of office furniture installation? today provides you with a set of detailed furniture installation steps. is a large item, if it is assembled in the factory, it is not conducive to transportation and it is easy to crash when it is too bulky. Therefore, the general office furniture is packaged in loose parts before leaving the factory, so it needs to be installed on the customer site. Although the installation of classic office furniture is not a very technical matter, it is easy to install it incorrectly or even damage the office furniture without professional training and guidance. Mastering good installation skills, coordinating with good mental quality, carefulness and patience, these are all necessary, so as to effectively show the most perfect products in front of customers.  Tools/Materials  Electric drill, Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, hexagon socket set, vise, hammer, open-end adjustable wrench, these tools are all necessary and the most commonly used. So with these tools, first of all, you have to be familiar with these tools and be able to use them proficiently. The electric drill is a simple explanation for everyone. This is a machine that uses a battery to drive an internal small coil motor to generate rotation. It can continue to rotate in both positive and negative directions. There are two types of electric drills. One is the in-line type, that is, it has an external power cord just like ordinary household appliances and can be plugged into a power socket for use. As for the other tools, they are simple mechanical tools that are commonly seen on a daily basis. They should be used by children as young as 10 years old to 70 years old. Steps/Methods 1. First of all, the structure of the screen, the office furniture process is generally made of aluminum alloy, the lower part of the surface is plate surface, cloth surface, aluminum-plastic board surface, glass surface, etc., and the upper part has a height ranging from 20 to 30 cm, which is glass. , In order to allow users to have independent space without blocking their vision. Fittings required for installing the screen, screen support foot, screen link, center column, side cover, decorative cover, countertop arm, several screw corners, etc.  2. The work required before installation. The thing to pay attention to when unpacking is to prevent hard objects from scratching the surface of the screen, and then install all the supporting feet of the screen. Then start, if it is an L-shaped position, find the L-shaped foot and the connector cover, first align the two screens with the L-shaped foot position, and then install the center column, and finally use the connector to connect the two pieces The screen and the center column are fixed together. Then, check whether the two sides of the screen are all on the ground and whether it is stable. If you have any feet that fall, adjust it until it reaches the ground. If necessary, it is best to install the screen with two masters supporting one by one and fixing it to prevent the screen from falling and being damaged. After setting up the screen, fix the side feet. The side can be connected to one side of the screen with a connector. The upper side and the countertop are connected with two L-shaped corners.  3. Place the countertop at the height of the screen, hang the arm on the aluminum alloy hanging trough, and then put the countertop on and fix it. When fixing the countertop, pay attention to the edge of the countertop and the edge of the screen. In addition, check the front and back of the table before placing the table. Generally, there will be a little burst of small edges under the saw blade when cutting, and we generally use it as the reverse side. Finally, cover the side cover of the aluminum alloy top cover to check whether the screen is stable enough and whether the cover is tightly closed and other details.  Notes  The installation methods of other office furniture products, such as solid wood executive desks, solid wood filing cabinets, panel supervisor desks, and panel filing cabinets, are also similar. First of all, unpack the package, take care not to let hard objects touch the surface of the furniture product, and then find all the accessories, put the screw on the place where the three-in-one rubber particles are empty, and then connect the corresponding positions with the three-in-one buckle according to the drawing. , Use a flat-blade screwdriver to fix it. Among them, the focus and difficulty of the file cabinet installation is the installation of the door. The stability and feel of the door directly affect the beauty and service life of the file cabinet. Before installing the door, you must first distinguish the size and angle of the metal hinge corresponding to each door, and install the corresponding hinge in the door slot smoothly. Make sure to keep the hinge and the door edge at ninety degrees. If it is not at a right angle, it will affect Switch to the door and loss. Product classic office furniture installation skills depend on experience and care, and need to be adaptable. is flexible space furniture. There are many ways to install it to achieve a more beautiful and stable effect. Baijia Furniture, an office furniture factory, hopes that the above skills will be helpful to everyone.
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