Mistakes in buying office furniture


1. Too much emphasis on low prices: Value and price, costs are usually closely linked. Furniture with low prices is usually low cost and poor quality. Generally, its appearance and design are relatively poor, not to mention its sense of cultural values. Experienced procurement knows that buying products with too low prices usually has many unforeseen risks, leading to a series of problems after purchase, which is regrettable.

2, buy brand names

Buying brand names is usually not wrong, but the quantity of purchase is large, and it is necessary to do what is possible. Compared with general domestically produced high-quality furniture, brand-name furniture is still expensive, ranging from 50-100% to as much as 200-300%. For brand-name furniture brand promotion costs, still have to pay a lot of real money; then how good the brand is, it is only good for some professionals to distinguish the details.

3, too much emphasis on business scale

The scale can only show that the production capacity is large, and does not mean that the quality is good and the design level is high. In a sense, the scale and individualization and cultural value are still contradictory.

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