Modern and traditional office furniture style, shape, color matching requirements

There are more modern requirements in the style, shape and color matching of office furniture, reflecting the modification and style. is a furniture company dedicated to the design and production of modern office furniture. Different product series are launched every year. Here are the following Points: 1. The cultivation of an office furniture design team; whether an office furniture company can continue to be paid attention to by the city, a design talent team with artistic heritage, love of life, and good at discovering and experiencing new things in life is the key, an excellent Designers must not only love art and life, but also have a keen eye for capturing new things, as well as an understanding of industry expertise, as well as an understanding of customer needs and a grasp of the development trend of the times. Sitting in the office every day can’t design good works. Designers have to participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad every year. They are not limited to furniture exhibitions. They can understand the world’s fashion trends and the innovation of furniture materials. Only by understanding the development of the times , And apply new scientific research technology to the design of office furniture, in order to create fashionable classic office furniture with bright colors of the times; Second, to meet customer needs: The designer launches one or a series of products, in fact, the most basic requirement is to Satisfied with whether the customer’s use is comfortable or not, I saw an office chair designer in a TV program and launched an executive chair. He proposed a design patent fee of 1 million yuan. He traveled across several continents in the world and no one liked it. His work was finally eliminated on the domestic Chinese dream show stage. I think it was because the customer's requirements for the use of office chairs were not considered. The design cost a lot of manpower and material resources, and it will not be taken by the customer in the end. Accept; 3. Understand the improvement of production technology to help your own company: an classic office furniture designer can design good office furniture works, but he does not know enough about his own company and the manufacturing level of the industry, and sometimes the products designed cannot be put into practice. Production, or the production process is too complicated, resulting in high production costs, and may not be accepted by the market; Fourth, understand the market and understand the customer’s corporate culture; 1.
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