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Many people think that home decoration is a very difficult thing, need professional knowledge, actually otherwise, some tricks, follow some principles at the same time, it can be decorate oneself to like. Praise can also make friends. Below by yong state share some household illuminative tip: tip 1: key layout guests visiting activity area, the sitting room naturally become the main area of activity. Of course, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen may also let guests come into contact with. If you want to keep the original design style doesn't change, can only to decorate this a few areas, rational layout, can save the unnecessary time, at the same time also can active atmosphere. Skills 2: put symmetrical balance and reasonable decorate a bedroom, often want to change some accessories together, make it become a part of the visual focus. At this point, the symmetry is very important. When there is a large furniture, the order should be from high to low, or keep the center of gravity are the same, to avoid appear incongruous feeling on the vision. Skills 3: combining family whole style to decorate household, you must first find a whole space decorate a style and tone, according to the unified fundamental key to decorate is not easy to get wrong. Such as contracted household design is suitable for the household act the role ofing is tasted, the design feels dye-in-the-wood and natural rustic style should be given priority to with natural wind household act the role ofing is tasted. Tip 4: focus on use of Italian furniture decoration lover know, a style, quality furniture determines the atmosphere of whole space. Whether it is gorgeous printed cloth, leather, full of light, only need to change the material of different style art can change different household style, compared to change furniture more economic, and more easy to do. Italian furniture volatile materials and contracted modelling, more and more get of consumer love. Modern Italian furniture brand yong state with its orthodox style and advanced design, attention in the field of furniture, its practical furniture consumers have become the first choice.
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