Moisture-proof tips for office furniture

When buying wooden classic office furniture, many users are worried that it will be damp due to the weather, so today I will talk about how to prevent classic office furniture from becoming moisture-proof. Let’s take a look. First of all In terms of wood, you must go to a large wholesaler to buy, because the wood of a large wholesaler is generally dried in the place of production and then shipped in a container. The wholesaler picks up the goods directly from the container and then transports it to the decoration owner. Residential. The reduction of intermediate links reduces the chance of wood being damp. When buying, you may wish to use a hygrometer to test the humidity of the wood, especially for solid wood floors. Generally, the moisture content should be about 11%. There is warping and deformation. After the wood is bought back, it should be left in the house for two or three days, and the construction process should be started after it has adjusted to the ground. Before construction, the ground should be kept dry and a moisture-proof layer should be laid so that the wood will basically not be deformed.  Secondly, there are so many patterns of ceramic tiles on the market, which are difficult for consumers to distinguish. When buying ceramic tiles, generally, the ones with smooth and delicate surface, shiny surface and soft hand feel are tiles with better water content. It is worth noting that there are differences between ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic tiles have low water absorption, fine structure and crisp and pleasant percussive sound, while ceramic tiles have high water absorption, porous structure and dull percussive sound. brick. Compared with ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles with low water absorption are less prone to cracks when the temperature difference between day and night changes in spring. In addition, the latex paint and adhesive for classic office furniture must be flexible, because if the temperature and humidity change, the wall will lose part of the water. At this time, the flexible paint has the advantage of strong deformation resistance. It can be fully displayed, and the paint wall with relatively weak elasticity will more or less crack.
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