New and not sprout, old and not the ancient, Italian furniture is such a style

In the furniture industry, the Italian furniture with its perfect combination of the traditional craft and modern technology, and sophisticated technology and reliable quality is famous in the world. With strong aesthetic and cultural heritage as the birthplace of Renaissance, Italian furniture design has also been given equal artistic charm. In the modern Italian furniture, chair not only only is; In addition to being able to deal with function, life art is the most important Italian furniture. Choose to use it, the proper functional highlighted immediately; Don't use it, the unique artistic quality will be allowed to send out. In order to change the design of the occupation of the global furniture market after world war ii, especially since the 1950 s, Italy to become the most lively city in the design of modern furniture. Italian modern furniture designer's creative talent has greatly expanded the content of the modern furniture design. They invented and constitute a set of integrating each link of consumption, pay attention to design innovation, leading the international trend of furniture design and consumption of modern furniture industry system, make the Italian furniture of the world's leading countries. Inheritance of furniture craft whatever period to carry out, how advanced the technology, the Italian craftsman craft manufacture furniture still use of ancestors. Craftsmanship has become the treasures of the Italian society, culture and way of life. From material selection to carving, inlay to polishing, the real meaning of Italian manufacturing lies in the constant pursuit of the handmade. Italy is famous for its sophisticated and detailed discussion of technology, especially the local. Everything comes from the hands of the Italian craftsman carved products are vivid, exquisite design and intensive process is natural, less detail and in good condition.
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