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As a company with more than twenty seven years of experience in manufacturing European classic furniture, we recently launch out a quite different design, which is more suitable for the younger generation.

Although the model of this design become simple, quality remain the same. We still use high quality European wood and Italian fabrics, to ensure the product can be use for decades.


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Luxury elegant furniture but in a simple way, we use streamlined design instead of the traditional hand carving. This is the new trend of Italian furniture in the recent year, hence we have made some change on the design. The new model also help to increase the productivity, because there is no carving progress, the production time will be decrease a lot. Our normal production time is around 60-90 days, but for this model, 45 days will be enough. Hence client does not have to wait for a long time, because no one likes waiting.

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High gloss design, made it full of vitality in the whole room, you even do not need to put many other accessories for decorate in the room, because each of the furniture is a nice decoration.


This model is suitable for many aspects, especially in home/ hotel/ villa. We also have customize service for every customer, no only the color of fabrics/ leathers can be change, but also the color of woods. Customers can choose different color of wood finish based on our wood plate. The size of each item also can be customize, either bigger or smaller, round shape to square shape. We will try to satisfy all your needs.

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A home case in HONGKONG, one of our client’s apartment.

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As you know, the property price in Hongkong is extremely high. The home area of the above apartment might looks small, but actually it can be called as a luxury property in Hongkong.  

No matter you are live in a small apartment or a large house, this model can be match with any size of your home.

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