Noble temperament and omnipresent charm, this is the color of furniture of Italian minimalist charm

In decorating a process, both domestic outfit of consumers and designers, will be referred to 'minimalism' 'minimalism' is one of the world's mainstream art style, called minimalism is the pursuit of truth, freedom, without any complicated decoration; Italy is minimalism of further exploration of innovation, the pursuit of fashion, advocating freedom and individuality lifestyle, 'less is more' is the essence of Italian minimalist style. Italy contracted style of visual features bright, delicate, simple. Both furniture and textile products, colors are selected from bright neutral colors. Cream-colored, white, brown, gray and black is the color of the commonly used. Bright colors make transparent Italy contracted style. In terms of selection, light source, minimalist style is very special. Beautiful ceiling, embedded tube lights and track the spotlight makes the space full of vitality. Determines the Italian style of contracted style furniture is famous for its simple geometry line, especially the original wooden quality has been the classic elements of Italian decoration. Good solid wood material, texture clear, clean color, more special personality. For example, curtain, curtain, white or light color fabrics collocation are mostly translucent thin filaments, thin gauze flax and texture, can show the simplicity and elegance of Italian minimalism. Get rid of the cumbersome sitting room furniture, leaving the most streamlined lines and comfortable, very comfortable and comfortable life. Quiet, simple white, elegant wood color reflects the pure clean and quiet, as if emotional excitement moment, directly into the soul. Italian minimalist at minus in the space, in detail, considering the style, elegant noble quality and contracted style, blend in the aesthetic taste of life, make life easy grace, contracted and do not break wind model. Pay attention to the quality of classic bedroom furniture, pay attention to the spiritual world. Elegant is tonal, without any propaganda, even no exaggeration, but people are more warm and moving. Italian style of minimalism is given priority to with high-grade gray, to follow the art of grace and elegant, uphold the pursuit of modern minimalism design concept, reveals the concept of modern home life. The nature of life is to simplify and simplified, and found in simple rich in surprise. Unique contracted, noble temperament and omnipresent charm, this is the color of furniture of Italian minimalist charm.
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