O2O experience consumption has become the trend of office furniture procurement

With the rapid growth of China’s economy, China’s office furniture market is also expanding. A large number of office furniture companies have sprung up into Chinese companies and companies, and into the general public. A large number of foreign-funded furniture companies are also trying to seize 'Chinese opportunities'. China layout. Looking at the entire market, the simple and extensive development model is about to become the past. The brand awareness of customers is getting stronger and stronger, and the individual needs are becoming more and more prominent. Improving experience services and building brands have become the mainstream development of Guangzhou office furniture enterprises. In the entire industrial process under the influence of the Internet trend, the O2O experience service of office furniture has become more and more important. This in the end is why? Guangzhou office furniture will explain how office furniture should be integrated with O2O experiential consumption! In recent years, the Internet boom has hit various industries, and it is not surprising that e-commerce is gaining momentum. However, it is worth noting that the rising refund rate of office furniture e-commerce reflects that buying office furniture online cannot give consumers a full experience and adaptation. Therefore, experience service has become an important part of office furniture business transactions. is a consumer-resistant product. Customers are more cautious in the purchase process. From size, style, material to distribution, installation, and after-sales, they are all important factors that customers consider. At present, the e-commerce on the market rarely realizes the O2O model. It simply relies on online product information and cannot perform physical experience. Deviations are inevitable. Moreover, office furniture is a large-scale product that requires professional logistics and transportation, and the freight cost is relatively high. High, and classic office furniture is easily damaged during transportation. Even if the furniture can be delivered to the door intact, it may involve moving upstairs and installation. It is difficult for small and medium e-commerce sellers to solve these problems. In the future marketing of office furniture, experiential consumption will occupy an increasingly important position. Especially now that consumers are becoming more and more rational, manufacturers must make changes in their business models to provide customers with specific and practical spatial solutions on the basis of respecting customer experience. Only in this way can they capture the hearts of consumers.

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