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From the progress of the global and domestic office furniture industry, to find out the development trend of the business may be a good way to manage this 'sticking point'. In fact, there are four main differences between the brands of advanced countries and ours:    Long history of the industry: Many well-known foreign factories have hundreds of years of entrepreneurial history, while domestic brands will not exceed 30 years at most. In many industries in China, as the country's economy develops vigorously and the population base is huge, many industries can leapfrog the ages and have a late-comer trend. I believe that the office furniture industry is also possible, depending on whether we can grasp the business trend.   Because of the importance of the concept of office environment, the value of products and brand has been created. For the formation of this point, office furniture practitioners are very important to promote the concept of office environment. practitioners should become the axis of promotion and influence the government, schools, designers, customers through various activities... Pay attention to the universal values u200bu200bof the office environment in an all-round way. At present, this link in China is quite weak. The concept is not improved, the office environment is not taken seriously, the use of office furniture is not taken seriously, the value of products and brands cannot be displayed, and everyone has to fall into price competition.   Advanced and diversified business operations. Although classic office furniture is a traditional industry, the management of the industry is diversified and professional. Since the reform and opening up, people's attention to the environment has mostly been limited to the home and business environment. For the office environment, it is the least important. Therefore, there is no relative education system to train professional talents, and without professional talents, it is difficult to enter the professional management system. Everyone is blind. What you look at is the immediate benefits, and you will always treat office furniture as a business. In addition, in the past, office furniture was mostly sold through 'relationships' instead of normal 'market sales'. Of course, the professionalism and trend of management are even less important. The concept of design, art, and culture. If the office furniture industry is to reach a certain height, it must pay attention to its own construction, landscape, products, interior, plane, exhibition, video, color, software, archive... all The design of the direction is able to convey the thinking of the office environment to the customers, and then convey the office art and office culture as a positive social energy. This is the soft power of well-known brands in advanced countries, and it is also an absolutely missing part of domestic manufacturers. The above four gaps are in fact the benign accumulation of office furniture company operations, so the next thing to discuss is the comprehensive index of office furniture operations.
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