Office furniture cleaning and maintenance tips

You have to know the most basic tips on cleaning and maintenance of classic office furniture. Go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture to deepen your impression of the knowledge of office furniture cleaning and maintenance! Furniture is like a person. People need health preservation to live long and moisturized, and furniture also needs 'health preservation'-maintenance, in order to survive the vicissitudes of time and maintain its style. In the face of natural factors such as sunlight, air, and seasonal changes, as well as human factors such as moving, placing, transportation, cleaning, and dust removal, even the slightest negligence and carelessness may cause fatal injuries to furniture. Let's talk about the concepts, methods and taboos of furniture cleaning and maintenance according to different materials of furniture. Many fabric companies will be equipped with certain fabric furniture in the reception room, which can make the received customers have a sense of closeness. The fabrics used in these fabric furniture are mostly soft and comfortable types, which are easy to get dirty and easily damaged. You need to pay special attention to their cleaning problems during maintenance. For products made of imported fabrics that have undergone dust-proof and anti-fouling treatment, they can be cleaned only by wiping with a clean wet towel. For those products that are particularly easy to dirty and break, it is best to send them to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning, which can prevent deformation and extend their service life. Electroplating and sandblasted glass The office furniture of electroplating and sandblasted glass are mostly products such as coffee tables and chairs in the staff lounge. The surface of these classic office furniture is bright, and it is easy to see fingerprints and stains on the surface of the product. The appearance of the coating is affected. Normally, you only need to avoid placing it in a watery environment; when cleaning, you only need to wipe it lightly with a dry cloth and it will be as bright as new. However, you must be careful when moving it, and you can't hold the glass table to move it. Solid wood classic office furniture is mostly office desks and chairs. Pay more attention to cleaning, placing and moving during maintenance. When cleaning, avoid sharp scratches, and do not use wire brushes or hard brushes to clean stubborn stains. You should use a soft cloth dipped in a strong detergent to wipe. When placing it, please also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, because the paint on the surface will oxidize quickly. In addition, be careful when moving to avoid bumping and damaging the paint surface. Leather-like leather office furniture is mostly used in high-level leadership offices to demonstrate corporate taste. It has good softness and color and is easily damaged if it is not maintained well. In the maintenance, more attention should be paid to the placement and cleaning. When placing it, like wooden office furniture, it should be kept away from direct sunlight as much as possible. When cleaning, you should wipe it with a soft dry cloth after dipping a small amount of clean water with a fine flannel cloth. Some friends of panel furniture in our life will ask how to maintain our panel furniture to better extend the service life. In response to the questions raised by such friends, I will give you a few tips. First of all, the floor where the panel furniture is placed must be kept flat, and the four legs must land on the ground in a balanced manner. If the panel furniture is placed in a state of frequent swaying and unstable, it will inevitably cause the fastening components to fall off and the bonding part will crack over time, which will affect the use effect and reduce the life of the panel furniture. In addition, if the floor is soft and the panel furniture is unbalanced, do not use wood or iron to cushion the legs of the furniture. Even if the balance is maintained, it is difficult to bear the force uniformly, which will damage the internal structure of the panel furniture for a long time. The only way to compensate is to trim the ground, or use a larger area of u200bu200bhard rubber board on the ground, so that the four legs of the board furniture can land on the ground smoothly. Second, it is best to use pure cotton knitted cloth when removing the dust on the panel furniture, and then use a soft wool brush to remove the dust in the depression or embossment. Painted panel furniture should not be wiped with gasoline or organic solvents. It can be wiped with colorless furniture polishing wax to enhance gloss and reduce dust. Third, it is best not to place the panel furniture in direct sunlight. Frequent sunlight will cause the paint film of the furniture to fade, the metal fittings are prone to oxidation and deterioration, and the wood is prone to brittleness. In summer, it is best to use curtains to protect the panel furniture from the sun.

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