Office furniture cleaning law

How much do you know about the basic methods of maintenance of classic office furniture? Want to know the basic maintenance methods of classic office furniture? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian now! Xiaobian will not let you down. 1. The furniture that has been painted by the tea cleaning method is contaminated with dust. You can use gauze to wrap slightly damp tea dregs to wipe it, or wipe it with a dry cloth dampened with cold tea water to make the furniture particularly bright and clean. But after wiping the furniture with tea, remember to wipe the tea with a slightly damp cloth dipped in clean water. Because tea usually has tea stains, the residue on the paint surface will affect the original color of the furniture. 2. Milk cleaning method. If milk is expired and cannot be drunk, don't throw it away. You can use it to maintain furniture. Dip a clean rag in the milk, and then use this rag to wipe wooden furniture such as tables to remove dirt very well. Finally, remember to wipe it again with clean water, otherwise there will be milk residue and milk smell. This method is suitable for a variety of leather, lacquered, marble, Polyboard and other furniture. 3. Beer cleaning method Take about 1400 ml of light beer and boil it, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, stir evenly to make it fully mixed. When the mixture cools, use a soft cloth dipped in it and wipe the wood. After the stains are wiped off, wipe the residue with clean water, and finally wipe it with a soft dry cloth. 4. White vinegar cleaning method Use white vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe the stains on the surface of the furniture. If the stains are difficult to remove, you can let the vinegar water stay on the stained surface a little, and then use a piece of soft Wipe the cloth vigorously. Because acetic acid can soften dirt and make it off the surface of furniture. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture contaminated by ink stains. 5. Lemon cleaning method If the polished or varnished wood is accidentally burned by heat and left a burn mark, you can first wipe it with lemon slices or a cloth dipped in lemon juice, and then use hot water soaked. Wipe it with a soft cloth, and then quickly wipe it dry with a dry soft cloth to restore the original brightness. 6. Toothpaste cleaning method The white paint on the surface of furniture will turn yellow over time, not only looks old, but also feels very unfresh. You can dip a rag into toothpaste or toothpaste and apply it lightly. Using the bleaching effect of toothpaste, the color of furniture paint can change from yellow to white. But do not rub hard when wiping, because the abrasive in toothpaste and tooth powder will wear off the paint and damage the surface of the furniture. Seven, the egg white cleaning method has been around for a long time, and the dirt on the white leather sofa at home is particularly stubborn, which makes people headache. At this time, you can take an appropriate amount of egg white, dip it in a cotton cloth, and repeatedly wipe the dirty surfaces of leather products such as leather sofas. This method is particularly effective for cleaning leather products, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect, and the leather will show its original luster after use.

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