Office furniture companies' design principles for office furniture

company information: With the development of society, the use of office furniture has become more and more extensive. In addition to conventional office buildings, laboratories, enterprises and institutions, classic office furniture has gradually entered the home, and the production technology and use of furniture Materials, varieties, and office furniture companies are also constantly updating. So, what are the main aspects of office furniture design principles? First of all, humanized design should be followed. The design process of office furniture should be based on ergonomics and be human-centered to meet the physiological and psychological needs of users. On the one hand, the scale of office furniture should be adapted to the scale of the human body and the scale of action, such as the working range and height of the workbench, the mechanism and height of the work seat, the height of the cabinet, etc.; on the other hand, the color, material and decoration of the office furniture Patterns, etc. will have an impact on the user's psychology, so comprehensive consideration should be given to the user group in the design. The second is that the function should meet the needs of the place used. design has corresponding requirements according to different places of use, such as office desks, computer desks, file cabinets, etc., conference tables and chairs in meeting rooms, filing cabinets in data rooms, reading tables and chairs, etc., experiment , desks, countertops, storage cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., office furniture in different places should meet the corresponding functional requirements, and be structurally compatible with the corresponding equipment to ensure the perfect realization of functions; the last is the principle of safety. In the design process, office furniture companies should strictly follow the requirements of mechanics, engineering machinery, materials, technology, etc., design and process the structure and parts, so as to avoid unreasonable design, inconvenient use for users, and more importantly It is possible that a safety accident may occur, so special attention should be paid. A pleasant and comfortable office environment can improve work efficiency and reduce the labor loss of office workers. Excellent office furniture is the most critical part. In addition to the above, in the office furniture design process, all aspects of the problem will also be involved. Professional companies will make overall arrangements from a holistic and systematic point of view.
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