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Kerida's three-step approach to office furniture design-function, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Function: Kerida puts the function in the first place. The function of a piece of office furniture is very important. It means that the design of office furniture must first meet the functional requirements. A single-function product must be able to reflect the needs of a certain aspect of its use. The value of its own existence. If it is a chair, it must be able to prevent your hips from touching the ground. Can a chair that is extremely uncomfortable be called a high-quality chair? the answer is negative. Multifunctional office furniture can reflect the needs of one thing with multiple uses, and practicality is the criterion for measuring functions. Ergonomics: with certain functions must also meet the requirements of ergonomics. The height, length, width, and size of the product must meet the standards, and the shape, line, softness and hardness of the office furniture must be comfortable. If it can be designed according to the height, body shape, and weight of the target market consumers, it can be designed to be closer to each person. The actual needs of office furniture products are more perfect, and comfort is the yardstick to measure ergonomics. Aesthetics: In the current handcrafted shop, the manufacturer of the manufacturing industry, I define an exquisite classic office furniture design (masterpiece) as: not only practical, comfortable, and durable, it must also be the inheritor of history and culture. Imagine what you are walking into now?? The attractive appearance of office furniture is an important factor in distinguishing skilled workers from bosses. Through a period of hard training, skilled workers can understand how to accomplish the three goals mentioned earlier. They have already understood how to make a piece of office furniture have the functions it should have, as well as make it comfortable and durable. However, only the boss knows how to complete an exquisite masterpiece. As a Beijing office furniture?? a museum, when you find a Ming Dynasty vase, you will be attracted by the exquisite appearance and can't help but observe it. First, you will take a general observation and go to a place not far from the vase to read all the introductions about it. Then you will get close to the vase and observe its details carefully to capture the highlights it shows and appreciate its craftsmanship. This vase was made centuries before you were born, and the maker is someone who is very culturally different from you. However, this vase shows you a lot, and observers can reach the maker across time and space through this vase. This is that the masterpiece has good functions and meets the requirements of ergonomics, so it needs to pay attention to aesthetics. Different periods, different regions, and different consumer groups have different aesthetics and aesthetic levels for office furniture, especially in today's fierce market competition. The novel, fashionable, elegant and individuality of classic office furniture design are all concentrated in the shape of the product. Whether it embodies aesthetics, the sense of the times, and the design style, that is to say, the furniture with good functions and ergonomics, if the shape is very ugly and out of proportion, is not a successful work. Modeling is the criterion for measuring aesthetics. How to grasp the three links of function, ergonomics, and aesthetics is the main task of Kerida, and it is also the basic criterion to reflect the level of furniture design.

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