Office furniture design plan

Usually the desk top of classic office furniture is at 750mm, which is the same. When the total height is only one meter and one high, there are two possibilities. One is glass above the desktop; the other is half glass and half screen panels. For situations where employees do not need to discuss frequently, the consideration factor in the design of the two screens is how daylighting is. The daylighting here refers to the problem of where natural light comes from during work during the day. With this kind of room layout, light can come from three directions. Our design drawing is designed according to the real house structure, with the windows on the left side of the staff. The edge of the window is at the height of the screen, and the indoor floor height is two meters six, so that even if the lights are not turned on during the day, the light can shine in effectively and evenly.   Of course, if the window is on the opposite wall of the door wall, that is, in the opposite direction of the staff position, then the light can only be supplemented. At this time, for the structure of the screen, it must be considered to use all-glass, at least half-glass. Reduce the feeling of depression in the heart. Another possibility is that the window is on the right side of the staff position. Then, since the door is also on the right front, in the classic office furniture design scheme, the four rightmost staff positions must be moved to the left to let it lean against the wall. It is reasonable, or when the office is renovated, the door should be arranged on the left front, and the opening direction of the door should be clockwise. The all-glass structure may not be the most suitable here. It depends on whether there are many working requirements on the staff. If there are many small objects that are easy to collide with the glass, then it is best to choose a half-glass, 15 cm above the desktop Use a plate structure, and then use a glass structure for 20 centimeters up. If company employees are accustomed to writing messages, leaving notes or inserting pins on the screen wall, there are two options for customers to choose.   One is to use steel plate in the fabric of the screen, and calcium carbide for external use. The second is to add a layer of cork board to the inner structure of the screen to facilitate pin insertion. There are single-sided glass and double-sided glass. The choice of single-sided and double-sided glass structure here is of little significance, except for the difference in appearance and feeling, it has no practical significance. The glass of the single-sided structure screen is located in the middle of the aluminum profile, while the double-sided glass is distributed on the two edges. It seems that the overall effect is: the upper and lower sides are flat! The cost will also cost tens of dollars a square meter.  Glass are fully transparent, strip frosted and fully frosted. It is easy to overlook a problem here: customers often have requirements for the frosting of the glass. When merchants make plans for customers, they may not necessarily issue actual glass samples for customers to choose from, and it is difficult to have an intuitive feeling. You can't take it for granted out of thin air, for example, turnips and vegetables have their own favorites. A customer asked, why is there only a round table designed without a chair to match? The answer is: no need! Small office space is not suitable for long-term customer retention, such as express delivery, you can put it away, buffer it, and sign it. If you use more internally, then you can pull your own seat. Some customers may also ask, we don’t need so many staff office furniture, we may need a sofa, we can take a lunch break at noon, what kind of plan is more suitable? Come to consult us, we will give you the best advice and design !
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