Office furniture development trend, health and environmental protection into the mainstream


In the international situation of advocating environmental protection, some industries are also exploring how to take the road of new environmental protection to conform to the development of the times. Taking the road to health and environmental protection is not only the demand of the market, but also the contribution made by the company to achieve social responsibility. The office furniture industry has gained insight into the market demand and accelerated technological innovation. Health and environmental protection have become the development trend of office furniture.

For many professional white-collar workers, office furniture should pursue healthiness and reduce occupational diseases. Many white-collar workers are facing the computer, and occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis are gradually emerging. Therefore, the health of office furniture will meet the needs of the market. With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, office furniture has not only played the role of office furniture, but also can optimize the white-collar office environment, and in design, help reduce the physical injury caused by long-term office workers. , comply with market demand. As a workbench, the height of the workbench can be freely adjusted, and a healthy working mode combining ‘sitting station’ can be achieved through a touch control system. Nowadays, white collars in many positions are the main postures for their work, and this office furniture allows these people to sit together and work more healthily. Such office furniture not only makes employees feel healthier and healthier, but also greatly enhances work efficiency.

Environmental protection is the mainstream of the international community. All walks of life are advocating environmental protection and are also exploring ways to take a new approach to environmental protection. As the office furniture industry, it is more sensitive and has been given a mission. On the one hand, due to the scarcity of timber resources and the rising pressure of raw material costs, the office furniture industry will make full use of existing timber resources, control the consumption of wood while ensuring structural stability, or use new materials to achieve environmental protection and pursue sustainable development. On the other hand, with the increase of environmental awareness of the public, the environmental safety requirements for furniture are also increasing day by day, urging the furniture companies to improve their design and improve their technological level. All these have prompted the office furniture industry to take a new road to environmental protection. At present, some companies are also committed to the promotion of green office furniture, all using green materials, and will not pose a threat to the health of users. Green furniture in the production process, through the 'green factory' on the design of the production process, to avoid the production process in the producer's health and environmental damage.

The development trend of office furniture, in turn, will also affect the development of its related industries. For example, providing hardware accessories for office furniture, the design of accessories also requires that the concept of health and environmental protection be followed, both in material and design. Reflects health and environmental protection. Such as damping hinges developed by Dongtai Hardware Institute, materials and design have followed the concept of health and environmental protection. No matter which industry, we should stick to the road of sustainable development and carry out health and environmental protection.

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