Office furniture dust can not be messed up

The dust removal of office furniture is also skillful. can't be messed up in the process of dust removal! So, what are the preventive measures for dust removal of office furniture? Then you can go and have a look with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture! Dust removal of office furniture requires skill. If you don’t understand, you can’t mess around. It is recommended to take the following precautions: regularly change the placement of computer equipment, audio frequency equipment, clocks, staplers and other items on the surface of office furniture. You can also exchange the relative positions of decorations and other items on different office furniture. They can be desks, sofa tables, bedside tables, bookshelves, antique cabinets, cupboards, cabinets, dining tables and other places for long-term fixation. Placed items. Such as adding 9dim pad to the bottom of the decoration can better prevent the generation of dents. 1. Cleaning In order to remove the pollutants in the air, the oily fume during cooking, the stains caused by the operation and the traces caused by the residue during glazing, we recommend the use of special office furniture cleaners. It is recommended that you follow the following steps to clean: a. Pour a small amount of office furniture cleaner on a clean soft cotton cloth. b. Wipe the surface of the classic office furniture in the direction of the wood grain, and then turn the cloth over and wipe it again until all the cleaning has been wiped off. c. Peng Chadang's office furniture polishing procedure. No matter what kind of cleaning device you use, it is best to do a small test in an inconspicuous place before wiping your office furniture to make sure that your office furniture coating is not softened or even wiped off together, and it does not produce any Other adverse reactions. 2. Scratches and nicks When there are slight scratches on the surface of solid wood office furniture, you can use a color repair pen to color the scratches, and it will not be too obvious. a. Follow the direction of the wood grain and gently draw with the same color trimming pen on the scratches. b. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess colorant in time. Wipe the entire office furniture surface with a special office furniture glaze to further protect the coating. 3. Water mark The water mark usually disappears after a period of time. If it hasn't faded after a month. Please use a clean white cloth coated with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise to wipe in the direction of the wood grain. 4. Use a piece of dry, ultra-fine office furniture coating special steel wool (0-0000#) to wipe directly in the direction of the wood grain, or use salad oil thief mayonnaise to apply to the hot marks. Wipe gently in the direction of the wood grain, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth. The last glaze. After working with the editor of office furniture to learn and understand some related methods and techniques for dust removal of office furniture, I believe you will be more handy in dust removal of classic office furniture in the future!
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