office furniture - face of the company

If you want to be a successful businessman, choose office furniture for you --
This is not the last time.
All the furniture in the office
The face of the company.
This is a real saying.
In our \"clothes\" version, people are merchants of his furniture.
Any customer or partner who goes to the office will evaluate the situation of the merchant.
Solid office says it\'s solid and entrepreneur.
Buy classic office furniture
This is responsible, if in the provinces of choice, the cities, especially Kiev, are not that large, and the range of office furniture provided by the manufacturer is very wide.
Sometimes it is difficult to understand why the choice of furniture should follow several principles.
The first principle: furniture should be decent.
Office staff handling a lot of paperwork must have enough cabinets and racks.
The most comfortable furniture should be from the technician.
Also, people are not robots and the office should be a relaxing little corner where you can negotiate with visitors and the company.
The second principlestylishness.
All furniture, though different, should be kept in the same style.
This will have an impact on the severity and reliability of the company.
The style will not cut eyes.
Every office worker should feel comfortable, which in turn affects the performance and quality of his work.
It will only benefit the company and increase the reputation of the company.
This style may be unusual.
For example, decorative furniture in the Middle Ages has become very popular in recent years.
This gives many office ideas and unique identities.
Modern manufacturing technology ensures durability and quality.
It is also important to understand some rules that must guide the selection of office furniture.
The most important parameters of furniture-
The furniture is of high quality.
If you choose furniture made of plates, medium-fiber plates and other materials, first look at the quality of the coverage and the perfect edge.
If you can observe very little damage, discard it immediately --
The furniture is too short.
Life and work are terrible.
Ideally, we would like to set the furniture purchased to \"grow\", that is, an expansion area of the office or an increase in the state can buy a certain position instead of a new one.
Also, you can\'t ignore the fact that the activities of the company may be correct or even repositioning, which may also require the replacement of office furniture.
Therefore, furniture should be universal in this respect.
I don\'t want to apply discord or overly bright shades on the color of the furniture.
Many customers may feel that it has no taste, which may have a negative impact on the company\'s reputation.
In this case, the staff will feel mentally uncomfortable, and the color that is too bright will have a negative effect on the nervous system and may lead to unnecessary nerve collapse.
The bright color is pleasant, only for the first half hour, then he will make you nervous.
So it\'s better to buy some furniture with quiet colors.
Light gray, light green, low blue-key tones.
Although, if a company has a large number of young employees, it is possible to buy a set of classic office furniture in three colors: red, yellow and purple.
But White is not recommended.
Furniture for the first time brought a feast of color to the eyes, their big drawback is
The furniture is very branded and looks old after six months.
Another trick: it is recommended that each company choose a color or color combination and choose furniture under the brand color.
Another option: choose the furniture color of the uniform color of the office staff.
Furniture chairs particularly discuss the choice of furniture when the principal studies the situation.
The furniture director of the company must not only meet its status, but also meet the business requirements of dealing with the company.
Dominate the representative office of their company manager.
Relevance to interior design.
The person in charge of the company office should be respectable and very kind internal staff should talk about the success of the company.
The office should not be casual and unattractive.
Each piece of furniture should not only be beautiful, expensive, novel and fashionable, but also comfortable, not only for the owner, but also for the tourists.
The customer must be in a hurry to return to this office, even some envy --
Build a room in a similar spirit.
The store manager can afford a little luxury, which would have emphasized its exquisite taste.
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