Office furniture factories have skills in selecting file cabinets

Don’t always say that it’s almost enough. factories feel that if they don’t choose carefully, they will probably get worse. The office furniture factories choose the four skills of filing cabinets. If you have time, you can make up lessons and learn.  1. Look at the edge of the board. A professional office furniture manufacturer uses a precision panel saw to cut the board, and there is no edge chipping around the board. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment, rough cutting, and obvious edge chipping around. Some even cut corners and only seal the front side of the board. The edgeless surface is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, causing the plate to expand, resulting in deformation of the wardrobe, and affecting the service life.  2. Look at the processing method  Professional classic office furniture manufacturers use professional automatic edge banding machines, and use environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to seal the edges on all sides, and the veneer is firm. Some manufacturers, without professional processing equipment, use ordinary universal glue to manually seal the edges, which is easy to drum and fall off. In addition, the benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances contained in this glue seriously exceed the standard, posing a potential threat to human health.  3, look at the backplane structure  Professional classic office furniture manufacturers use a backplane with a thickness of 5mm or more, a melamine veneer, and a grooved inverted leather overlap structure to prevent the backplane from directly contacting the wall from absorbing moisture on the wall. Some brands have a thin backboard and are connected by a nailed backboard. The backboard is in direct contact with the wall. The moisture on the wall is easily absorbed by the board, and it is easy to be damp, moldy, and deformed.  4, look at the hardware accessories   professional office furniture factories use famous factory accessories, quality assurance. Accessories are an important element of wardrobes, bookcases and sliding doors, and are important indicators to ensure the comfort and durability of household products.
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