Office furniture factories share the exquisite methods of office feng shui furnishings

Office feng shui furnishings are very particular. Keep an open space in front of the boss’s desk. The so-called office feng shui furnishings are actually to achieve a coordinated aura in the entire space. Whether it is an external or internal aura, the adjustment of feng shui should be based on a people-oriented spirit. Achieve a harmonious and geographically advantageous layout.  The location of the boss's desk office  The boss is the head of the family, like the king of a country, we can arrange the office of the boss's desk to the northwest of the emperor's face, so that he has the ambition to rule the world and dominate the great cause. This position should be decorated with white and golden yellow as much as possible. The decorations are preferably square. Do not put some bottles and jars and dirty objects here.   The location of the boss’s office. A room will be divided into different location areas because of the relationship between sitting and orientation. There are noble person, wealth, and fierce. As the name suggests, the boss's office must be located in the noble position of the room, so that you can get help from the nobles, work, operate, and produce smoothly; manage the subordinate employees with authority and win public trust.   The size of the boss’s office is very particular. The size of the boss’s office should account for about 1/4 or 1/5 of the company’s overall area. It is not suitable to be too large or too small (especially the office, not the factory). Generally, it is between 15 and 30 square meters, preferably on a higher floor.   The tables and chairs in the boss’s office are placed. The boss’s office seats also have strict requirements. First: The back of the chair must not be empty, there must be a wall as a backing. The correct distance of the boss chair against the wall should be about one foot away from the wall, so that the boss chair can rotate left and right, and it can meet the requirements of doing things well.   The door of the boss’s office cannot be opened from the “backer”. That is to say, the direction of opening the door cannot be on the wall behind the boss. This will easily cause the company's subordinates to secretly play tricks without being aware of it, which will bring unexpected disasters to the company. It’s not a good way to have the door directly facing the boss’s desk. The most standard way to open the door is to open the door on the right front of the boss’ desk. This is the most feng shui principle of office boss opening.   The route into the boss’s desk room should also be smooth. Although most of the boss’s rooms are at the back, the route from the door to the room should not be crooked, obstructed by debris, or have deep winding paths. In this way, it is not easy for wealth to enter the room, but it will make business development difficult. The boss’s office shape should not be “L”. Offices with many pillars are not suitable, and it is not easy to coordinate and communicate with employees and customers. The circular office is not suitable either.
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