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In order to eliminate the inherent impression of serious and tense office space in the past, the designer creates a rich gray space on the basis of maximizing the plane function. The black and white minimalist design language perfectly fits the modern sense of IT company while saving cost With a sense of technology, the wooden bay window is a warm color in the entire black and white space, creating a relaxing reading and communication space for employees in a limited area.  The designer also designed the VI part for the owner in the project, including the LOGO wall and the decoration on the glass partition. If there are visitors, they will be taken directly into the meeting room on the left, and employees can also enter the meeting room through another door.  The abundant glass partitions form a transparent space, interpenetrating each other, blurring the attributes of the space, and weakening the sense of crampness brought about by the small space.  The layered application of black and white graphics makes the sense of space extremely rich. The large area of u200bu200btransparent glass partition not only ensures sufficient lighting requirements, but also obscures the cramped space.   The comfortable bay window has become a reading and communication area. When you are resting, you can sit and look out the window, read a book, and drink tea. Adding a casual atmosphere to such a serious space is undoubtedly the highlight of classic office furniture design.   For classic office furniture designers, I want to be able to control the project as a whole, so I want to try everything about design, whether it is architecture, indoor office furniture, industry or plane.
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