Office furniture factory design should meet the diverse needs of consumers

In the modern market, consumer demand is paramount. If classic office furniture factories want to give their products better market competitiveness, they must design around the needs of consumers at the initial stage of design. From the perspective of the target audience, when a consumer buys back a set of office screens from a specialty store, he is not just buying back a set of office screens. What consumers buy back are utility and benefits, usefulness needs and psychological needs. , Visual beauty, etc. A series of added value added by commercial design. Therefore, the design of office screens should be developed from the perspective of satisfying the various needs of consumers, and to meet the various needs of consumers as much as possible.   On the other hand, the fierce competition in the office furniture market requires office screen companies to in-depth study and analyze the characteristics of similar industry products, and adjust their design strategies in a timely manner based on the design strategies of major competitors. Because the design and development of office screens, as an important part of the business strategy of a company, is not only designed to respond to the needs of consumers, but also to design and develop office screens corresponding to similar competitors. Therefore, the adjustment of office screen functions and the design of performance improvement according to the office screen characteristics of competitors are important conditions for giving enterprises market competitiveness.   As an important manifestation of the market competitiveness of office screen companies, the focus of office screen design competitiveness is to establish a clear market positioning. Market positioning is an important marketing concept. For an office screen design, its market positioning is that the company creates a clear market and individuality for the company’s office screen design based on the environmental conditions of the target market and combined with the company’s internal business environment. Outstanding, distinctive image, excellent function, stimulating demand, leading the trend of image characteristics Marketing believes that marketing is consumer-centric, while the foothold of office screen design is also people-oriented. The two have something in common. Therefore, the prerequisite guarantee for the market positioning of office screen design lies in in-depth market survey and research analysis, which mainly involves the market environment, consumer demand, the competition of similar companies in the industry, and similar products. The market positioning of office screen design is essentially not only the positioning of the company's market strategy, but also the positioning of the company itself. Only in this way can the product design of office screen companies surpass the existing competitiveness and open up a huge customer base that has never been seen before.  After a company has conducted sufficient market analysis and accurate market positioning, how to design and implement is not only a question of experience and mode, but also involves the combination of corresponding design strategies. We know that modern office screen design is through the marketization of design, so as to form various market competitive advantages for enterprises and products. Then, with the help of marketing theory, providing corresponding intellectual support for the implementation of corporate office screen design is undoubtedly an important method to give office screen design market competitiveness.  From the perspective of marketing, office furniture design is a kind of market service, which is used to meet the needs of consumers and realize the business purpose of the enterprise. Therefore, from the perspective of consumer needs, the design of office screens should bring some utility and benefits to consumers, which is a kind of satisfaction of needs. Malinlovsky said: 'In human social life, all biological needs have been transformed into cultural needs.' He discussed the relationship between biological needs and cultural needs from the perspective of cultural anthropology. Screen design is also a social discipline that transforms people's needs for products into people's cultural needs.  Many successful classic office furniture designs lie in that they grasp the potential needs of consumers from the detail level and successfully present them through design art techniques. Of course, this is also the secret of the successful design of office screens. Not only does it act as a bridge between people and things, but it also serves as a catalyst for such information exchange. Under the situation that the driving force of export to the classic office furniture industry has greatly weakened, more and more office screen manufacturers have moved to the domestic market. Original designs will be a weapon to break through the predicament of product homogeneity. The entire office screen industry will give birth to more domestic high-end office screen brands recognized by consumers, thus pushing the industry into a new decade of golden development.
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