Office furniture factory furniture green and environmental protection have a future

by:Senbetter     2021-05-28
With the warming of global temperature, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased. Green and environmental protection will become a trend in economic development, as is the case for the office furniture industry. Green and environmentally friendly furniture will occupy the future classic office furniture market, which is a trend in the development of the furniture industry. Now, let's take a look at the knowledge of green office furniture with an office furniture factory.  So, what are the advantages of green conference table furniture compared with traditional furniture? Why it is the trend of future furniture development. The classic office furniture factory summarized that green furniture has the following characteristics:    1. In the design and production, the product life cycle should be extended as much as possible to make it more durable and reduce the energy consumption in the reprocessing process.   Second, the materials used tend to be natural and do not contain harmful substances.   Third, the designed products are of high quality and should have cultural heritage and technological content.   Fourth, green products are designed according to ergonomics and people-oriented, not only paying attention to the physiological condition of people under static conditions, but also studying the physiological conditions of people under dynamic conditions. Under normal use and occasional use, it will not cause adverse effects and harm to the human body.   In addition, green desk furniture also refers to the production process and process, which is green and environmental protection in the production process. The design of green furniture is to think about the design, manufacture, transportation, sale, use or consumption, disposal of the product throughout the life cycle of the product, while meeting the requirements of environmental goals, while protecting the product's due function, service life, quality, etc. . Green furniture products refer to products designed with the core concept of environment and environmental resource protection.  As a primary color of nature, green has always been welcomed by many people. Green is tolerant and generous, and can hold almost all colors. Green conveys the image of refreshment, ideals, hope, and growth. Infiltrating blue into green is blue-green, which is delicate and open-minded. The grayish green is still a tranquil and peaceful color, just like a forest in the twilight or a field in the morning mist. Dark green and light green match with a sense of harmony and tranquility; green and light red match, symbolizing the arrival of spring.  Environmental protection, green, energy saving, has great significance to the environment. As environmental problems become more and more serious, classic office furniture manufacturers believe that environmentally friendly office furniture is bound to be a trend.
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