Office furniture factory sharing: room table and chair matching skills

The style matching and placement of dining tables and chairs in an classic office furniture factory is a skill. Different styles of dining tables and chairs match different dining environments. Here, Guangcai Furniture will introduce some styles of dining table and chair style matching skills. The long-shaped dining table and chairs can be matched with a long chandelier, which means harmony, or they can be lined up with the same chandelier and used in combination. The former is more atmospheric, while the latter is more warm; if the chandelier is smaller, you can also stagger the height of its hanging, which will add a lively atmosphere to the dining table. In addition, if the fake dining area is located in the corner of the living room, the relationship with the main light of the living room must be taken into consideration, and it should not be overpowering the guests.  The extended style dining table and chairs are suitable for use in larger restaurants, and they look magnificent. At the same time, pay more attention to the echo of colors and materials in a large space, otherwise it will easily appear loose; the color of the log-colored dining tabletop is very coordinated with the brown thick velvet curtains, and the light brown wool carpet. The metal material used for the dining table legs is also somewhat different from that of the dining chair legs. Anaphora, the integrity is enhanced by these details.  The arrangement of round dining tables and chairs is more flexible, suitable for smaller restaurants. For families with large kitchens and dining rooms, in addition to the formal dining table in the dining room, a small round dining table can be placed near the kitchen as a light meal for family members. At the same time, it can be placed in the kitchen. The dining table in the middle of the living room also serves as a partition and transition. The rattan dining table and chairs can echo the natural theme of the dark grapefruit floor and brown cabinets. They are simple and elegant; the table legs and chair legs are made of metal, which echoes other elements in the restaurant space, such as the side cabinets placed against the wall. Legs and handles. In addition to increasing the permeability of the space in summer, the rattan dining chair is also applicable in autumn. Its color and texture are very suitable for the mood of autumn. Folding dining room tables and chairs are particularly practical when placed in small-sized houses. When not in use, they can be folded up and placed on the wall, so they do not take up space at all; if the space in the home is too small, there is no need to set up a special dining room and set up in the corner of the living room An area is used as a simple dining area; in addition to the folding table, you can also nail some shelves on the wall, and you can put the commonly used seasonings and some small decorations on it.   factory fast food restaurant business is good or not, in addition to the taste of the dishes and service attitude, it also has a large part to do with the cleanliness and tidiness of the fast food furniture in the shop. Therefore, the maintenance of fast food furniture is also a very important thing for fast food restaurant businesses. How to properly maintain fast food furniture is also very knowledgeable. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of fast food furniture maintenance together with Guangcai Furniture:    Desktop maintenance: The surface of the fast food table and chair table is a fireproof board, and the surroundings are It is made of plastic strips or aluminum alloy strips. Do not pour directly on the desktop with water or wipe directly with a rag with water. This is very easy to cause water swelling and damage to the desktop edge. Clean the oil on the desktop with a semi-dry rag with detergent, and then wipe it with a dry rag. In order to prolong the service life, please apply car wax to the desktop once every 1-3 months (available at the car decoration shop). This is beautiful and effective. Avoid water, can extend the life of the tabletop; the maintenance of the stainless steel legs of the table and chair: the stainless steel tube used is generally 304 or 201, etc. When the waiter is mopping the floor, in order to save trouble, it is directly dragged to the wall of the stainless steel tube without drying in time , Over time, even the best stainless steel will become rusty. Remind customers: After mopping the floor, you must wipe the water marks on the surface of the stainless steel with a dry cloth, and then spray car wax or wipe sewing machine oil for maintenance; usually all kinds of After the stainless steel table legs or chair legs are stained with oil, they can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. Be careful not to scratch the surface. For classic office furniture, do not use rough and sharp materials to scrub the stainless steel surface, especially for mirrored ones, use a softer, non-shedding cloth to scrub. Sand steel and brushed surfaces should be wiped along the lines, but the surface is easy to get dirty. .
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