Office furniture factory takes you to know what is office partition

partition is a kind of partition product similar to a solid wall. Like a solid wall, it has a style space and the characteristics of creating a room. But it also has the advantages that the solid wall does not have, such as being movable, exquisite appearance, fire-proof and noise-proof. Partition is a product that replaces physical walls. It is widely used in various places, including homes, offices, and so on. Now, follow the office furniture factory to understand the knowledge of partitions.   First, let's popularize the classification knowledge of partitions. At present, all the screen partitions summarized mainly include furniture partitions, vertical panel partitions, soft partitions, high partitions, and so on. The vertical board is divided, and a vertical board is set in the room. Some decorative murals can be arranged on the board to divide the room into different functional spaces such as meeting and dining. The furniture partitions, using cabinets and kitchens to arrange one end against the window side wall, naturally divide the indoor space into multiple functional small spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms, and TV rooms. Living partition is to divide the indoor space vertically, dividing the space with a single function into spaces with multiple different functions. This form is most commonly used in interior design.   is probably the most used activity partition, which is almost everywhere in entertainment venues, various public spaces, and offices. The classic office furniture factory believes that the movable partition has the advantages of flexibility, beauty, and can be moved freely according to the needs of the space application. There are many forms of movable partitions: for example, push type, assembled type, hanging type, folding type and so on. However, screen products cannot be called movable partition walls, because screens do not have the performance of a wall. On the basis of providing free and flexible partition space and improving space utilization, the movable partition wall has excellent sealing performance and can achieve the effects of sound insulation and heat insulation.   Among the movable partitions, there are also classifications. The classic office furniture factory will introduce two types of movable partitions, one is the assembled movable partition, and the other is the roll-type movable partition. Assembled movable partition: removable and assembleable movable partition according to usage requirements. It is assembled by lightweight partition units with the same height as the ceiling of the room or only part of the height of the room. Roll-type movable partition: a partition that can be rolled and relaxed connected by narrow wooden strips, plastic sheets or metal sheets. The metal sheet and the plastic sheet can be rolled into hinges to connect to each other, and the wooden strips are perforated and connected with ropes or wires.   In summary, classic office furniture manufacturers feel that partitions can be understood as a movable wall, whose main function is to divide space and create rooms.
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