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is made of natural wood. It is easy to respond to changes in the weather, so you must pay attention to some points when using it. So today I will talk about classic office furniture when you use it. A few key points, let’s take a look. First, pay attention to the location of the display. Log furniture should not be placed next to the dehumidifier and where it can be exposed to the sun.  Second, avoid liquids that often remain on the surface. If the surface of the log furniture is not specially treated, then the long-lasting water, alcohol and other liquids will leave white marks on the furniture. Therefore, when there is liquid on the surface of the furniture, it must be wiped clean and kept dry immediately.   Three. Clean and maintain the log furniture you buy. Whether it should be oiled or waxed for maintenance. When buying furniture, you must ask the merchant clearly. If the furniture is waxed and maintained, when purchasing wax, it is best to choose a solid wax with a high concentration, which can fill in small defects on the furniture. In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. But don't use the two together, otherwise the surface of the furniture will be blurred and no longer shiny.  Be more attentive in small places  For new furniture, there is always a welcoming mood, but as far as log furniture is concerned, it needs more care. Here are some points to note for consumers when using log furniture:    First of all, before welcoming the log furniture to go home, the home environment must be cleaned up to completely eliminate the traces of termites, especially the cleaning work before moving into the second-hand house. Be more careful. After the new furniture is placed and positioned, wipe it with a dry or wet cloth. Since the new furniture has all the protective measures, such as painting, etc., before it leaves the factory, there is no need to oil or wax the new furniture.   After using for a period of time, it is recommended to do maintenance work every 2 months. Generally speaking, skin care products such as Bi Lizhu are good choices for log furniture skin care products. The method of use is to wipe it with a dry cloth first, then spray with Bi Lizhu, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.  Nanfengtian dehumidification sky  The lacquer (glossy paint, glass paint) on the surface of some wooden furniture may crack on the surface after long-term use, so the daily cleaning and maintenance work should not be too lazy. In addition, if the wood drying process is not good, it will cause the furniture to be injured in the future. For example, if the wood has too much moisture content and high humidity, the probability of furniture deformation in the future will be high; if it is handled too dry, it will be prone to cracking.  Remind everyone, because the log classic office furniture itself has the function of automatically adjusting the humidity, it is not recommended to dehumidify frequently, usually once a month. However, if the neighborhood is in a humid area, the interval and frequency of dehumidification should be increased to prevent the furniture from becoming moldy. Consumers are particularly reminded that 'the days when the south wind blows are the days when the humidity is removed.' This means that there is a lot of rain in summer and the relative humidity is also high, so it must be dehumidified frequently.
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