Office furniture installation pay attention to details and environment

Although the mechanized production of furniture rarely has quality problems, due to the differences in the installation level of workers and the environment of each family, the installation of classic office furniture will also have some problems, and some need to be adjusted accordingly. Is there any standard for furniture installation? What size of the door gap is reasonable? How to avoid various problems? Please see the advice of a professional installer of office furniture. 1. There are seams between the door panels: The reporter consulted the 'General Technical Requirements for Wooden Furniture' (GB-T3324-2008), the column of 'shape and position deviation' in the standard clearly stated: 'All seams (when not required by design) ≦ 2mm '. If the gap between the door panels is too large or the door gap is large or small, it is most likely caused by uneven ground. At this time, after detecting with an infrared level meter, you can use professional gaskets to adjust the furniture appropriately.  2. The cabinet is tilted forward or backward: Generally speaking, the finished cabinet is right-angled, and this situation is mostly caused by uneven ground, which can be adjusted by adding gaskets according to the degree of inclination. 3. There are obvious gaps between the furniture and the wall, and the gaps are of different sizes: this is caused by the wall being not straight. If it is custom-made furniture, the manufacturer will generally use wooden strips to seal the gap between the cabinet and the wall on site Live, and choose the corresponding glass glue according to the color of the furniture, in order to be more beautiful. But if it is finished furniture, it can only be slightly inclined to the wall.  4. The damping drawer is not smoothly pushed and pulled: most of it is caused by uneven ground or improper debugging by workers, and debugging can be carried out based on experience. It is possible that the plastic clip on the rear side of the slide has burrs that cause the push and pull to be difficult. In this case, the problem can be solved after a period of use. 5. The sliding door slides by itself: If this happens just after installation, it is mostly caused by uneven ground, just add a gasket; if this happens after a period of use, it is most likely to be in the cabinet during use. The heavy objects are not evenly placed, so let the workers readjust it at this time.  It needs to be explained that some manufacturers will check the flatness and verticality of the ground and wall before installation, and make appropriate adjustments during installation according to the test results. The owner can also know the problem in the first time.  After the installation is completed, the customer can also conduct some tests by himself to find the problem and solve it in time. Then which aspects should you check?   1, horizontal and vertical. All horizontal planes should be flat, and all elevations should be vertical.  2. For panel furniture, all the gaps, such as the gap between the door panels, the gap between the drawers, the gap between the cabinet and the cabinet, should be within 2 mm. Because of its dry shrinkage and swelling characteristics, the requirements of solid wood furniture are slightly lower, but the gap cannot exceed 4 mm.  3. The damping drawer and sliding door slide smoothly, do not slide back and forth, and stop wherever you push the door.  According to professionals, after the furniture has been used for half a year, the gaps and left-to-right tilting of the originally installed furniture will also appear, most of which are related to the user's use. For example, the sliding door of the wardrobe is easy to slide to one side, which is mostly caused by the uneven placement of the wardrobe underwear, which appears to be light on one side and heavy on the other; the gap between a drawer and the previous drawer becomes larger, and there are too many heavy objects in the drawer. As a result, when the bookcases are filled with books, the bookcases may also be slightly deformed due to the heavy weight of the books. However, these problems are not serious. Contact customer service staff to adjust the position of the hardware.   Compared with the finished furniture, the installation of custom furniture may have more problems. Experts say that some owners will put forward very 'unreliable' requirements, such as punching holes in the glass, and designers will also put forward their own reasonable suggestions to avoid gaps and dislocations due to uneven force caused by design defects. Wait for the situation. Experts suggest that even if you choose custom furniture, the owner should follow the designer's professional advice. If the office furniture design is defective, it will generally be reflected after the installation is completed. The installation directors of multiple furniture brands have said that if a major problem is found on the spot, they will generally return to the factory and reinstall after the change; if the problem is not too big , The scene can be solved by other means, and generally can be dealt with after reaching an agreement with the customer.
Collectively, the effect of classic home furniture on industrial society has been to eliminate home furniture online and drastically reduce the time long associated with new classic bedroom furniture.
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