Office furniture is exquisite in Feng Shui

There will be office furniture in an open office. Some office furniture space is relatively small, and some owners like to design it as an open plan. If the office area and the meeting room are completely connected together, the functional area of u200bu200bthe office will be unclear. Then the screen partition will be chosen when decorating. Now, classic office furniture factory furniture explains the Feng Shui of office furniture.   First, the height of office furniture also has corresponding Feng Shui exquisiteness, usually reaching the waist of a person, and cannot exceed the height of the eyes when a person is standing. And if it is a partition with better transparency, there is not much requirement in terms of height.  Second, it is best to use a square-shaped partition, and it cannot completely block the line of sight. You can use low partitions, hollow partitions, or bead curtain partitions. This semi-partitioned form is most consistent with the mysterious feng shui. Because the actual partition will make the space seem cramped, and it will also make people feel insecure. However, it is completely transparent and looks dewy, which is not conducive to the accumulation of wind and gas.   Among all the partition materials, the best is wood. Because wood represents vitality, if the kitchen happens to be in the east of the home, the energy of the sunrise can also make the home full of vitality. Secondly, wood materials are more common, and the partitions made of various shapes can also be painted in different colors, so it has a wider range of applicability.  Is it good with metal partitions? According to Feng Shui experts, it is best not to use metal partitions in the home, because the magnetic field of the metal itself is unstable, so putting it in the home as a partition will disturb the indoor aura. And most of the metal screens appear to be cold, and the kitchen and dining room are places that need a warm environment, so try not to choose this cold and hard material.   In addition to wooden partitions, the most suitable ones are stone partitions or crystal partitions. Because these two materials, the five elements, belong to the soil, they will give people a down-to-earth feeling, which is conducive to the stability of the homestead feng shui. However, the shapes of stone partitions are relatively few, and most of them are in the form of low solid partitions. And when using it, pay attention that the stone cannot be placed directly on the floor, but should be equipped with a wooden base.   introduced the feng shui of the above classic office furniture, and should have an understanding of how to choose office partition screens. In addition, screens, plants, bead curtain partitions, etc. can all be used. If it is a feng shui partition in the form of gossip mirrors, salt water, swords, etc., professionals are needed.
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