Office furniture layout design needs attention to details

When each company arranges classic office furniture, it may still consider the application of space. Because there are many small and medium-sized companies, the number of offices is not very large, but the staff is relatively large. If the classic office furniture is not available If it can be placed reasonably, the overall effect will be greatly affected. So how should it be placed, and what details do we need to pay attention to?   First of all, clarify the size and quantity of the overall furniture.  Before placing the office furniture, we must clarify the overall size and quantity of classic office furniture. If our staff is certain, then the desks and chairs must also be certain. After the purchase, we must understand whether the overall size meets our requirements, and then design the placement, so as to ensure that it will not be too crowded and allow everyone to have their own office space.  Secondly, pay attention to the overall space utilization.  Because office furniture requires a lot of space to be placed, and the type of furniture we choose is different, the effect on the ground will also be very different, so we must pay special attention to the use of space. If it is possible to customize some relatively good office cabinets, etc., this can effectively use the upper space, and it can also connect us to a certain position.
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