Office furniture matching skills

How to match office furniture to look good? What are the tips for matching office furniture? Then you can take a look with the editor of Guangzhou ! How to match office furniture to look good? With the rise of offices of many technology companies, Internet companies, and SOHOs in recent years, customized office furniture has become more popular among them! In the office, there are various combinations of colors and styles, as well as the combination of solid wood and modern styles. Some people pay attention to the use of space, and some people like different combinations to make themselves or employees feel a sense of belonging! In fact, how to arrange the office furniture to look good. People want clothes, but Buddhas want gold. The arrangement of furniture is also a manifestation of beauty. The office room is generally relatively good, but in order to have more space and make the overall effect look better. We still have to arrange the furniture. In this way, customers can feel spacious and generous as soon as they take a look. So the layout of classic office furniture must be exquisite, so what should we do with this exquisiteness? What is a good way? The designer of Hongzhiye will share some solutions for office furniture! And how to use the space to make the supporting method of office furniture! 1. Regarding the layout of office partitions, most of the partitions in the office equipment sold on the market currently use tapestries and other materials. These materials have the effect of sound absorption, color and material beauty. In the office decoration project, in addition to the size, we should also pay attention to the selection of materials, as well as the closing of office furniture. Purchasing and customizing the surgical thread of higher-grade wood (such as stick wood) to close the opening, which can bring a sense of high-level to the self-made office partition. To pay attention to the personal environment and increase personal attention to work, personal space should be kept as undisturbed as possible. According to the characteristics of the office, people should be able to look around easily when sitting upright, and they should not be out of sight when desking. Concentrate on work. The height of this partition is about 1200 mm. The height between tables in a small group can be set at 900 mm, while the high partition for office regional division is set at 1500 mm. These dimensions are worthy of our reference in the design. 2. Tips on how to match office furniture: Customized office furniture is to determine the style according to the requirements, highlighting individuality and fashion, but we must not over-system individuality. The actual use and safety of the office area affected by individuality should be based on practicality and reasonable Sexual collocation, reasonable budget, and rational use of several aspects to rationally display the corporate image through customization. Practicability: The importance of customized office furniture is to meet office needs and provide the required office conditions. It must be customized based on the space, area, shape, number of office staff, nature, office furniture requirements and other factors of the office area. is practical. Reasonable collocation: The placement of customized classic office furniture should be reasonably collocated with the office environment, so that the system design style and personality. This requires simultaneous planning of the office environment when decorating the office to design a reasonable placement and collocation. Reasonable budget: When customizing office furniture, follow the positioning of the office area, material requirements and design styles as a budget reference to avoid wasting funds or purchasing products of poor quality due to insufficient budget; reasonable use: in customizing office furniture It is necessary to fully consider the practicability of office furniture, not only to pursue beauty and fashion, but to reduce the time use of office furniture, and to combine availability and beauty.

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