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When the company is planning office space, in order to create a better office environment, some companies even spend a large price to purchase some high-end office furniture, but many of them are vain. In fact, the purchase of office furniture cannot be based on price as the main consideration. Furniture editor's suggestion: purchases in line with the corporate culture, and classic office furniture that meets the needs of employees is enough. Today, I will share with you some experience in the overall supporting planning for customers in the past, which needs to be helpful to everyone. 1. Work requirements The first thing the office needs to meet is the work needs of office staff. Therefore, when choosing classic office furniture in office decoration, you should choose according to office needs. The quantity and function of office furniture should meet and be slightly larger than office furniture. Demand but not wasteful. 2. Integrate with the corporate image and fashion. The requirements above are: office furniture can be combined with the corporate image and fashion, in line with corporate taste and industrial characteristics, and create office furniture with its own unique characteristics. surroundings. 3. After the decorative effect meets the functional requirements, office furniture must meet the second major requirement in office decoration: decorative effect. Therefore, the purchased office furniture should be coordinated with the interior design and decoration style, and the shape, color and function of the furniture The collocation of, hardware, etc. is consistent and consistent with the overall decoration style. 4. Layout and coordination The layout of office furniture plays a decisive role in the use of office furniture and decorative effects. The layout of office furniture should be reasonable and coordinated, so that its functions can be played smoothly, and it can also add luster to the interior decoration effect. Unreasonable interior decoration layout, small space, cumbersome shape, and complicated color furniture will make people's physiology and Psychology is out of balance, resulting in a sense of oppression, depression and boredom, thereby affecting human health and corporate image. The above is the office furniture purchase that the furniture editor introduces for you. Only choose the right ones and not the expensive ones. If you want to know more about the relevant information, please visit the recommended reading below, or contact our online customer service staff directly, Guangzhou Focus on overall office space planning and design and personalized customized classic office furniture solutions.
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