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Want to know how to buy office furniture is the best? Then you can go to study with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture now! is the item that occupies the largest space in all office layouts. Its shape and color will have a considerable impact on the overall style of the office. Therefore, office furniture must be taken into consideration when designing the space. The styles of the two should be unified, and the colors should be harmonious to serve the determined theme of the office decoration. 1. Why office furniture should be integrated into space design 1. is an important part of space design: is the item that occupies the largest space in the furniture. Its shape and color will have a considerable impact on the overall style of the room. Therefore, office furniture must be taken into consideration when designing the space. The style of the two should be unified, and the color tone should be harmonious, so that they can jointly serve the theme of the office decoration. 2. is an indispensable modeling 'language' in space design. The role of office furniture is not only decoration, it can not only satisfy the visual experience, but also divide the space, define the space attributes and use functions. 2. How to design the ideal office furniture layout. It is best to first come up with several design schemes according to the size of the office and office furniture, compare them, and finally determine a more satisfactory scheme. The color of office furniture should not only be coordinated with the wall, but also take into account the effect of decorating decorations. The color of office furniture should also be based on the size of the room. If the house is relatively short, the color of the office furniture and the wall should be closer to create the effect of expanding the sense of space. If the room is more spacious, you can choose furniture that is different from the wall color, and the two colors should still be coordinated. Finally, use office furniture as the background color, and choose the complementary colors of 'green leaves with red flowers' for embellishment. 3. What is the rule of office furniture layout? The size, height, and technology are the main part of the room layout. has a great impact on the beautification and decoration of the room. The unreasonable furnishings of office furniture are not only unsightly but also impractical, and even bring all kinds of inconveniences to life. People are generally accustomed to divide the house into three areas: one is a quiet area, which is far from the window, the light is relatively weak, and the noise is relatively small, which is more suitable for placing beds, wardrobes, etc.; the other is the bright area, which is close to the window, with bright light and suitable For reading and writing, it is better to put desks and bookshelves; the third is the action area, which is the aisle of the entrance room. In addition to leaving a certain walking activity site, sofas, tables and chairs can be placed in this area. Similarly, if the office furniture is arranged according to the area, the room can be used reasonably and give people a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Tall furniture and low furniture should also be arranged with each other. The combination cabinets with the same height are more rigorous and insufficient. The office furniture fluctuates too much, and it is easy to cause a messy feeling. Therefore, do not put low furniture such as beds and sofas close to each other. Large closet, so as not to produce a sense of imbalance of big ups and downs. It is best to use chest of drawers, pantry, bedside cabinets and other furniture as tall furniture, and low furniture as transitional furniture, which gives people a sense of gradual expansion from low to high in order to obtain a vivid and rhythmic visual effect. In a word, the layout of office furniture should match the size, high and low, and scattered. If the office furniture on one side is small and small, you can use bonsai, small furnishings and wall decorations to achieve a balanced effect. Fourth, the relationship between human activities and office furniture. A single sofa has a width of 650-850mm, and there should be a space of 450-650mm in front, so that the legs can move freely. Before the writing desk, you should consider leaving a place for chairs and the space occupied by opening the drawer. The former needs a width of 600mm or more, and the latter is at least 400mm. The width of the remaining space should be the more. In addition, when placing or making office furniture, you should also consider the opening direction of the room door, and leave a certain amount of space for the door so that the door does not touch the office furniture.
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